Oct 042019

With anticipation for the release of Like Torches’ new album “Loves And Losses” continuing to grow, today the Swedish outfit release the digital single ‘Get A Life,’ an emotionally and harmonically gripping track ahead of the album’s release on November 1st.

Earlier this year the band announced details behind “Loves And Losses,” and debuted the first video from the album, ‘The Guilt Of Surviving.’ Grabbing tour-mate and Yellowcard frontman Ryan Key to handle production duties, these five passionate musicians have worked diligently across two continents over the last several years to create a fresh, stellar rock album for the current times. “Loves And Losses” will be available everywhere digitally on November 1st.

Yellowcard vocalist Ryan Key took lead as producer as the Swedish outfit packed up and took to the streets of Nashville to create Loves And Losses. Key interjects, “It’s hard to explain the excitement hearing your work completed like this, so proud of these dudes and these songs. Continue reading »