Stryper – “God Damn Evil”

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Jun 162018

Reader, you’re going to laugh out loud. This is the first time I’m listening to anything Stryper. You might be wondering what island I’ve been living on and all I can say sometimes it takes long for a ship to arrive on the horizon.

“God Damn Evil” has proved to be a contentious album title, but Michael Sweet says that it comes as an earnest request to God when the band reflects on what is happening in the world. “Take It To The Cross” roars, and I get the feeling that it was fun to record. The enthusiasm is palpable, and Michael’s high register is from another world! As I continue to listen to “God Damn Evil” I get a “new wave of British heavy metal” (NWOBHM) vibe, as personified by Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Saxon. There’s the lyrics that are sung, as opposed to growled, the melodic guitar solos and the choir of voices on the choruses. Sure, that’s not all that makes it sound traditional. Continue reading »

May 022018

Stryper continues to dominate the hard rock/heavy metal scene with the their critically-acclaimed tenth studio album, “God Damn Evil” (Frontiers Music srl). Released on April 20, the album debuts at #1 on Billboard’s Christian Album Sales, #2 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums, #3 on Billboard’s Top Current Hard Music Albums, #5 on Billboard’s Top Independent Current Albums, #7 on Billboard’s Top Current Rock Albums, #12 on Billboard’s Top Current Physical Albums, #14 on Billboard’s Top Current Albums, #21 on Billboard’s Top Current Digital Albums and #77 on Billboard Top 200. In addition, “God Damn Evil” soared to #1 on the iTunes and Amazon Hard Rock charts immediately upon release.

“In today’s music world it’s miraculous for a band like Stryper to even chart at all,” says frontman Michael Sweet. “We’re absolutely thrilled that we’re still making our best music to date and climbing the charts 34 years later. We love what we do and we’re so blessed to do it. We’re grateful for so much support!” Continue reading »

Feb 052018

Stryper has set “God Damn Evil” as the title of its new album, due on April 20 via Frontiers Music. The disc was recorded at SpiritHouse Recording Studios in Northampton, Massachusetts. The follow-up to 2015’s “Fallen” marks Stryper‘s first effort since the addition of former Firehouse bassist Perry RichardsonPerry joined the band as the replacement for Stryper‘s longtime bassist Tim Gaines, who was fired from the group last year.

Stryper guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet stated about “God Damn Evil”: “I can tell you this: if you kind of take the best of a handful of Stryper albums and you kind of roll it up into a big, old fat burrito, that’s what you’re gonna get with this album. On a couple of songs, you’re gonna hear qualities of “Against The Law”, you’re gonna hear qualities of “Fallen”, you’re gonna hear qualities of “No More Hell To Pay” — and even “To Hell With The Devil” and “Soldiers [Under Command]”. You’re gonna get the best of all those worlds in one world. Continue reading »

Sweet & Lynch – “Unified”

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Jan 042018

Two years after their debut album, 80’s metal icons George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Michael Sweet (Stryper) are back together as Sweet & Lynch and releasing Unified, the follow up to Only to Rise.

Sweet & Lynch released their debut album Only to Rise in 2015 to a good response from critics.  As if a band with Michael Sweet and George Lynch isn’t enough their band also includes past members from bands like Whitesnake, White Lion,  and Megadeth.  James Lomenzo on bass has been with the likes of Megadeth, White Lion, and Black Label Society, and Brian Tichy on drums lists Whitesnake on his resume.

Just like they did on Only to Rise, Sweet & Lynch open up the album with a track that has everything one would expect from the band.  A lone guitar starts things out with a fast riff, to be joined by the rest of the band and a trademark high scream from Michael Sweet.  Pounding drums, a blistering solo, great harmonies in the backing vocals, and some more trademark screams from Michael Sweet fill out the rest of the song.  Production is great, as expected and overall the album has a bit more or a raw feeling to it than Only to Rise, but still is exceptionally clean and very well mixed, highlighting Sweet’s voice and George’s guitar. Continue reading »