Oct 042017

Hardcore outfit From The Heart just released ‘Self Destruct’ the track appears on their upcoming album “Make It Last”T to be released on the 20th of October 2017 once again by/on WTF Records & Distro.

From the Heart is a Rotterdam (the Netherlands) based hardcore band, formed in early 2012. While they have been significantly influenced by Eurocore and New York hardcore their style can be best described as fast metallic oldschool hardcore. Call it eurocore, call it what you will, these guys play a tight set and get a crowd action in response. If you are into singalongs, circlepits, pile ons and moshpits… HOOK THEM UP!
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From The Heart – “Make It Last”

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Sep 252017

Dutch based hardcore outfit From The Heart, hailing from Rotterdam, are back with their second full-length album “Make It Last”. The release date is set on October 20, 2017. Let’s keep it short and skip directly to the actual album.

The first track ‘Intro’ is exactly that; an intro. Where other bands sometimes make their intro’s long and boring or completely unnecessary, From The Heart knows how to give it a punch. This is an intro that immediately makes you hungry for more. Directly followed by ‘Passion’, a song with a high old school New York hardcore vibe. I am instantly reminded of hardcore-legends Sick Of It All, and yes that is a compliment. The track isn’t alone called ‘Passion’ it is full of passion… ‘King Of The Hill’ rages forth with the same energy, packed with heavy riffs and the breakdown at 0:22 minutes…. Just epic! This track is one of my personal favorites.

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Mar 312015

leave it all behindFTH is a hardcoreband from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Founded in 2012 and now signed to WTF records. They describe themself as fast metallic hardcore and are influenced by Eurocore and New York hardcore.  In November 2012 they released a 4-song demo which can be downloaded for free on bandcamp.

Now they released their debut album ”Leave It All Behind” an album full of 14 high energy songs, let’s take a closer look at it.

Right from the start we are dealing with high energy hardcore with a dash of punk. A high pitched screamy voice as we hear a lot in classic hardcore/punk, uptempo riffs and a nice rhythm. Tight drumwork by Aart. The songs never exceed 2:35 minutes, but with this high energy that is also not necessary, I even dare to say that is a good thing because, in my opinion, in this kind of hardcore the songs tend to get boring if they are too long. But as I said, this is not the case on this album. Continue reading »