Jun 112019

While the temperatures are only slowly climbing up the scale, Redfield Records is dropping its annual summer compilation and all of a sudden, the air waves are on fire! The label is presenting precursors of the upcoming albums by Marathonmann and Alex Mofa Gang along with the new sigings Phiilosopher and Hippie Trim as well as, of course, the full force of the entire Redfield Family!

Like every year, the compilation is available on your favourite streaming station but you can also download it for free on Redfield‘s homepage and take it everywhere you go this summer. Continue reading »

Dec 202018

Timōrātus have released a new Christmas single ‘Christmas Present Conundrum (Courtney’s Crisis)’ the track is available for free download from bandcamp. Check out the hilarious music video for ‘Christmas Present Conundrum (Courtney’s Crisis)’ below.

Timōrātus started as a way to experiment with harsher sounds and learn more about music in general. Sticking to one specific genre or sound wasn’t interesting so the sound changed with every release as the experimentation continued. Continue reading »

Dec 112018

“Fleas Naughty Dog” has been a Rottweiler Records tradition since 2010 with the sole purpose of honoring God, celebrating life in Him, worldwide music scene unity regardless of musical style, and having a ton of fun in the process.

This year we’ve teamed up with The Bearded Dragon to bring you “Fleas Naughty Dog Vol 6”. As usual, some songs are quite serious and reverent, some songs are silly and fun, and some are just well. . let’s call them unique. In totality this eclectic group of Christian artists represents a small fraction of the creativity of God’s people, in some small way mirroring His divine creativity.

However you choose to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth this Christmas season (and whatever style of music you choose to play while celebrating the Messiah’s birth), we pray that you choose to keep your focus on Him, not only at Christmas, but all year long. Continue reading »

Dec 112017

Looking for some new metal? Download the Nosral Recordings Sampler now, available for streaming or downloading from Noisetrade.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. The Beckoning – Desolate Sanctuary
2. Children of Wrath – No Flesh Spared
3. Symphony of Heaven – Stratagem
4. Outrage AD – Unreal Trip
5. Katharos – Warrior
6. Ascending King – Eternal Extinction of Apollyon
7. Nuclear Blaze – The Lamp of the Body Continue reading »