Dec 112017

Looking for some new metal? Download the Nosral Recordings Sampler now, available for streaming or downloading from Noisetrade.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. The Beckoning – Desolate Sanctuary
2. Children of Wrath – No Flesh Spared
3. Symphony of Heaven – Stratagem
4. Outrage AD – Unreal Trip
5. Katharos – Warrior
6. Ascending King – Eternal Extinction of Apollyon
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Mar 012017

Here it is !!! Vol. 4 of BTTW Church Promotional Compilation Series – go download your FREE copy now! (artwork by Don Rouse). Some Of The Best Indie Christian Rock/Metal/Hip-Hop! Including Forfeit The Untrue & Death Requisite (Rottweiler Records). The tracklist is as follows:

1. Don’t Say Goodbye – Forsaken Hero W/Chase Johner
2. Holding On – Joshua Scales
3. House Of Cards – Joshua’s Creed
4. Lay It Down – Crossing Fire
5. Veneration – Death Requisite *
6. The Burning Of The Last Bible – Forfeit Thee Untrue **
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Dec 062016

rottweiler recordsIt’s with great joy and excitement that we [Rottweiler Records] present to you “Fleas Naughty Dog Vol 4”. As usual, some songs are quite serious and reverent, some songs are silly and fun, and some are just well. . let’s call them unique. In totality this eclectic group of Christian artists represents a small fraction of the creativity of God’s people, in some small way mirroring His divine creativity.

Featuring: Tim Bushong, 13 Minutes, Grave Robber, Bridgeshadows, Immortal Souls, Leper, Death Requisite, In Darkest Dreams, Hand Of Fire, Wretched Graverobber, Peter 118, Derek Close, Deborah, Shiro, Anschluss Amor, and Platoon 1107.

Artwork (below) is created by Angel Nichols
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Nov 182016

bisampler_2016_d88Blood & Ink Records are very happy to bring you their newest compilation, “Blood & Ink 2016 Sampler!” It contains 7 tracks and has a playing time of almost half an hour and is available for free and legal download at bandcamp.

1. Dwell – Innate, 2. Church Tongue – Worry Doll, 3. Withered Bones – Shallow Roots, 4. The Virgin Birth – Empires of Excrement, 5. Joy – Cut to the Nerve, 6. Problem of Pain – Forge (Feed the Flame), 7. Slow Bullet – Penance, 8. Household – Withered. Continue reading »