Oct 142018

For I Am King‘s eagerly anticipated second album “I” will be out December 7, 2018 on Redfield Records. After the first precursor ‘Prey’, released in May, the new single ‘Forever Blind’, out October 5, is one of the band’s most metal tracks to date and represents the new material perfectly.

Front-woman Alma Alizadeh on ‘Forever Blind’: “Our new single is about a person with two faces. Someone who you trust but who totally unexpectedly stabs you in the back. I think, that this is recognizable for many people. The text is written from the perspective of this ‘backstabber’. The snake in the new video symbolizes this unreliable person.”

The music video for ‘Forever Blind’ can be watched below.

The uniqueness of the Dutch metal band For I Am King is best described by the introduction of the new I-factor, a 3.0 variant of the much sought-after X-factor. The I is the ninth letter of the modern Latin alphabet and it has importance in the fields of mathematics and chemistry as well. In addition, I is the symbol for electric power and it stands in abbreviations for international. Continue reading »