Nov 252018

Metalheads, First Paradox Metalshop has a lot of new titles. Here the summary:

Theocracy – Mirror of Souls Website / Facebook / Twitter 2LP – Black VINYL 25,-
Theocracy – Mirror of Souls 2LP – Transparent VINYL 28,-
Grave Decay – From Dust to Dust 10,-
Renascent – Praise of the Lord God Almighty 12,-
Theocracy – Mirror of Souls 2LP – black (25,-) and transparent discs (28,-)
InnerWish – Waiting for the Dawn 12,-
InnerWish – Silent Faces 12,-
InnerWish – Inner Strength 12,-
InnerWish – Waiting for the Dawn 1LP VINYL (23,-)
InnerWish – Silent Faces 2LP VINYL (25,-)
InnerWish – Inner Strangth 2LP VINYL (25,-) Continue reading »

‘First Paradox’ Website Has Been Restyled

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Dec 022012

First paradox has restyled their site! You can now find your favourite bands classified by genre in the menu on the left-hand side. Even though some bands fit into several genres, we have decided to roughly classify them into pop-rock, female fronted, hard rock/melodic (power) metal, hardcore/metalcore and other metal.

New is the list of bestselling albums, found under the menu. Specifically looking for a band? Then search the band name via the search function. Next to our growing list of metal bands, First Paradox is working to expand their pop-rock range. All at competitive prices compared to other major retailers in the Netherlands! Continue reading »

Aug 282012

Big summer cleaning at First Paradox : Until August 31, 35% discount on all albums that you find through the link below. To name a few:

Coram Deo – Death is Dead, Deliverance – Temporary Insanity (A tribute to Deliverance) 2CD, Dark Night – Night of Halloween, Dying Blaze – Attera Obscurum, Dynasty – Warriors of the King, Fires of Babylon – Selftitled, HB – Uskon Puolesta, Icon Clan – Rock ‘n’ Roll Rodeo, Krig – Target Human-Mission Destroy, Liberty n Justice – Light It Up, Saphena – Das Ende Einer Wahrheit, Wonrowe Vision – Mission Invincible CD/DVD, Stryper – Extended Versions.  Continue reading »