Final Surrender – “Frogs in a pan” (Ep)

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Dec 312021

Bangalore based Indian Metalcore act Final Surrender released their E.P. “Frogs in a Pan” on the 10th of December 2021 and with it welcomed back the bona fide guitar maestro Sanjay Kumar. The band has been active for more than a decade and rose to global prominence when they signed a deal with Indiana’s Rottweiler records in 2012. The band is a collective effort of five young and extremely talented musicians who are on a journey to push the envelope of progressive metalcore. The band had released two independent E.P.s, toured within India and in no time developed a local and global fanbase.

The band describes their sound as “a dynamic blend of gut busting heaviness and razor-sharp metallic riffing. Harsh, grating vocals soar overtop of labyrinthine, winding riffing and break-neck speed drumming, leaving the listener in nothing but the purest state of shock and awe.” The band lists August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, Meshuggah, Texas In July, Textures, Soilwork, Inflames and I The Breather, as some of it influences, which is quite evident in the sound the band creates.

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Dec 042021

Final Surrender new album “Frogs In A Pan” will be released Dec. 10th. 2021 via Rottweiler Records.

Metallic, lacerating riffs blend with slamming, crushing heaviness. The listener’s ears are assaulted by incessant, pulverizing shredding and dissonant brutality until out of nowhere comes a whitewash of melody; a catchy, cleansing chorus amongst the chaos. This isn’t some bizarre, Bollywood-inspired dream thrust upon the listener’s subconscious, but rather the music of Bangalore, India’s Final Surrender. Using a unique and magnificent blend of hard hitting and abrasive metalcore and progressive, dynamic native influences, Final Surrender break new and unchurned ground with every song they fashion from their debut release, The Expanse to their upcoming faith-filled juggernaut, Frogs In A Pan.

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Feb 162020

Bangalore, India-based progressive metalcore band Final Surrender have released a new single ‘Everything To None’ through Rottweiller Records and available for streaming and download on on all streaming platforms.

Frontman Joseph Samuel says about the song:

“’Everything to None’ is a breakdown saga of an image of perfection lost in hypocrisy. Working on this track was an absolute pleasure; we spent a whole day dedicated to the vocals – which is a luxury – but it also included a ton of rewrites. And, by the time we finished the track, we realized we had something special on our hands.”

The video for ‘Everything To None’ can be viewed below.

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Apr 022019

Bangalore, India-based progressive metalcore band Final Surrender have released a video for their new brand new single ‘Fallen Identities’ which was released on March 22 through Rottweiller Records and available for streaming and download on Spotify/Bandcamp.

The video for ‘Fallen Identities’ can be viewed below.

In the winter of 2010, a couple of young professional musicians hailing from Bangalore, India, came together in an attempt to bring about a musical revolution of sorts; a revolution that would change their lives, and the lives of many others, known and unknown to them. In their hearts burned hot a vision, a vision to spread hope and love through music, and as they pursued their hearts, their dreams metamorphosed into reality, and that in turn saw the birth of FINAL SURRENDER. Continue reading »

Jun 032017

Bangalore, India-based metalcore band Final Surrender have posted a drum playthrough video of the song ‘Failing Structures’ The track comes from the band’s latest EP “Nothing But Void” which is released on Jan. 13. through Rottweiler Records. The video can be watched below.

Drummer Jared Sandhy stated about the new album:

“We are super excited for the release. The album is comprised of seven melodic, progressive metalcore songs. Working with Rottweiler Records on the release has always been an awesome feeling and a blessing. We have worked really hard on this record and would love for every serious metalhead to give it a listen.” Continue reading »