Nov 042018

Earlier this year, Sleeping Romance guitarist Federico Truzzi released his beautiful and neoclassical solo album “The Great Grey Ocean” (Kning Disk) recently he released the video for ‘Behind The Light.’ A cinematic track that breathes vain and timelessness. The video can be seen below.

On November 10th, Truzzi performs its first live show for the year at the Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn (Netherlands).

Federico Truzzi, an accomplished musician and sound engineer, has dedicated his life to the constant pursuit of music, touching upon all facets from classical composures to an uncanny natural inclination towards the distorted guitar. Continue reading »

Sep 082018

The line-up of the Brainstorm Festival 2018 is complete. Earlier this week, Tourniquet (USA) had already been presented as headliner, today Eric Clayton And The Nine (USA/NL) is added as second headliner. In addition, Diviner (GR), Federico Truzzi (ITA), 2Strings (ITA) en J’Accuse (NL) join the party.

Eric Clayton And The Nine is the new band around the front man of Saviour Machine. Expected covers from Saviour Machine, but also songs from David Bowie. And who knows, the band might present some more own material. Anyway, it is going to be a special show that the real Saviour Machine fans should not miss. Continue reading »

Mar 172018

‘Endless Wave’ is the first single from Federico Truzzi‘s upcoming solo album “The Great Grey Ocean” which will be released by Kning Disk (Gothenburg). ‘Endless Wave’ is composed and produced by Truzzi. Other musicians Cecilia Bolognesi – violin, Elde Lini – cello.

Truzzi states: “The day has come! It’s been an intense and terrific time which lead to this first single I’m so sincerely proud to present. ‘Endless Wave’ is just a little taste of my upcoming album . 

The sheer force of the ocean has been the source of inspiration for “Endless Wave”, which is in a way the beating heart of my first album as a composer.”

The video for ‘Endless Wave’can be seen below. Continue reading »

Mar 182016

Federico Truzzi

Federico Truzzi is an musician, music composer, orchestrator for media, and founder/guitarist of Symphonic Metal band Sleeping Romance – This time no metal but classical music, ‘Morae’ is available for streaming in the Soundcloud player below.

He says: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” said Victor Hugo. After a short stop, I took my guitar and I started writing music again. So is born this song, full of my thoughts and feelings and to me represent a new begin. ‘Morae’ means delay, and it is written for classic and acoustic guitar, cello and violin.

Truzzi added: “A big thank you to Bianca Serena Truzzi for her picture, and to Davide Crisitiani from Bombanella Soundescapes for the mastering. Thanks to Matteo Magnani and Alberto Lazzaretti for their instruments and to Michaela and Fabio for their performance with cello and violin. I hope you’ll enjoy this track.”

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Apr 062015

fire & ice singleCheck out a guitar playthrough video by Federico Truzzi below for Sleeping Romance‘ latest single ‘Fire & Ice’.

“Fire & Ice” has been released on Dec 11th. of last year and is available as a digital single. It also includes two additional tracks: a “cinematic version” of ‘Fire & Ice’ as well as a re-recorded version of the track ‘December Flower’ from their debut album “Enlighten”. The digital single is available at iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Last month the band toured through Europe. Pictures from their show in Terneuzen, Netherlands on March 22nd, can be viewed at this location.

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