Oct 022013

My Ransomed Soul - Falsehoods My Ransomed Soul is a metalcore band from Maryland, USA that formed in 2007. They released their debut EP in 2009 when Brendan Frey (vocals) was still a young teenager and the band line-up had not yet gelled. They followed up with their ‘Hourglass’ EP (2010) and ‘Perceptions’ EP (2011), before settling into a more stable line-up for their full-length album ‘The Chains That Bind Us’ (2012). After extensive touring, they signed to Red Cord Records for their second full-length album ‘Falsehoods’ (2013).

My Ransomed Soul is not afraid to state that they are a Christian band made up of all Christian members. Whilst not forcing their beliefs on anyone, they do want everyone to know of the peace, hope, and truth they have found in Jesus Christ. Through their music and actions, the band wants to be a positive influence and is willing to talk to anyone about their beliefs. The current bad members are Brendan Frey (vocals), Garrison Frey (guitar), Mickey Basil (bass) and Daniel Busche (drums).

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