Oct 202017

Legendary hardrockers Stryper have checked in with the following:

Dear friends and fans,

We are preparing to record a brand new album. It’s a turning point for the band and we really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

We’re going into this believing it’s going to be our best recording to date with a powerful message and music that will move mountains. We’ve been through a lot and we have faced many obstacles throughout our 35 years and we will stand strong through it all. No matter what is done, said or speculated, we will prevail. How?

God is in control! He always has been and always will be, despite our weaknesses and faults. You can’t stop God. You can’t manipulate God. You can’t change or alter Gods plans. There is a plan and a calling for Stryper and we’ll answer to that on this album just as we have on every album. Continue reading »

‘Oz Fox’ Talks About Stryper’s Hiatus

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Jan 032017

oz-foxStryper guitarist Oz Fox has spoken out about the “personal issues” that have resulted in the band taking a hiatus and possibly considering a future without bassist Tim Gaines.

Asked by The Vinyl Mishappenings what the reason is that Stryper is planning to take some time off, Fox said: “Well, it’s a number of things. A lot of it is Michael [Sweet, guitar/vocals] has a lot projects coming up that he wants to take time off to do, which is fine by me, because I’ve got a lot of stuff going on here in town, and, as I get older in age, I kind of want to set myself up so that I’ll have more opportunities here in [Las] Vegas so that someday if I ever stop touring with Stryper, I can maybe stay here and work as a musician. He [Michael] definitely is going to be doing a second album with George Lynch and he also just released a solo album and he wants to go out and tour that album a little bit and we [Stryper] are going to be playing on the Monsters of Rock cruise the first week of February.”

Pressed on whether this means that Stryper‘s original lineup — including Gaines — will appear on the Monsters Of Rock cruise, Fox said: “As far as I know, yes, but Tim, our bass player, is going through some personal issues and we’re trying to let him work all of that stuff out. It’s no secret anymore, but he’s going through a divorce, so we’re giving him time to work those things out. As far as I know, he’s looking like he’s on his way to making all of that stuff in his life correct and fixed, and then we’ll see where he stands after he’s all done with that, and I know he wants to keep touring. It’s a very difficult thing to go through a divorce; it’s difficult for everybody. We’re very close to him and his wife, so it hurts us as much as it hurts them. Continue reading »

Nov 052016

Stryper_YellowandBlack_2015Legendary rockers Stryper are not planning on breaking up following the completion of the current tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their multi-platinum album “To Hell With The Devil”.

Stryper in September announced plans to “take a hiatus” in early 2017. The group explained in a statement: “Our band and ministry is facing a crossroads for a variety of reasons, including some personal matters affecting our bassist, Tim Gaines, that have affected the unity of our band.”

But now, in a new post on the group’s official Facebook page, Stryper frontman Michael Sweet insisted that the band will carry on for years to come. He wrote: “Just to clarify and no matter what you’ve heard — Rob [drummer Robert Sweet], Oz [Fox, guitar] and myself will NOT be dissolving Stryper.

“After the ‘To Hell With The Devil’ tour is wrapped up, we will be taking a break but we will NOT be breaking up. Continue reading »

Sep 262016

Stryper_YellowandBlack_2015Iconic rock band Stryper have announced plans to “take a hiatus” following the completion of their tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their multi-platinum album “To Hell With The Devil”.

Says the band in a statement: “As many of you know, we are preparing a tour to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of “To Hell With The Devil”. Although we’re extremely excited about this tour, our band and ministry is facing a crossroads for a variety of reasons, including some personal matters affecting our bassist, Tim Gaines, that have affected the unity of our band.

“As a result, upon the conclusion of this tour, we have decided to take a hiatus to allow each band member to think and pray about the direction of the band going forward.

“We believe the right thing to do is to be open with all of you so we can continue on with integrity and put to rest any false rumors and accusations. We also believe we must honor our commitments in moving forward with the tour. Continue reading »

Feb 092016

Stryper_dec_2015Legendary hardrockers Stryper recently checked in with the following announcement:

“World tour begins in April of 2016! Working on hitting every place on earth. New album commencing early 2017. We’re like a freight train rollin’ down the tracks…”

New dates have been announced, with more to come over the next few weeks. Check them below.l

With the October 16th release of their ninth studio album, “Fallen,” Stryper continues to dominate the hard rock/heavy metal scene. The Frontiers Music SRL release sold over 10,000 copies during the first week of release landing at #2 on the Top Hard Music Albums chart, #2 on the Top Contemporary Christian Albums chart, #2 on Billboard’s Top Christian/Gospel Albums, #5 on the Top Current Rock Albums chart, #20 on the Top Current Physical Albums chart, #26 on the Top Current Albums chart, #29 on the Top Current Digital Albums chart and #44 on the Billboard Top 200. Continue reading »