War of Ages – “Rhema” (ep)

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Jan 102022

Hailing from Pennsylvania, US Christian Metalcore veterans War of Ages released E.P. Rhema with Facedown records on the 29th Of October 2021. What started off as a Hardcore/Melodic Death metal outfit as “Zero Point” back in 2002, became to be known as “War of Ages” with genres eventually shifting to a more metalcore sound in the latter years. The band saw multiple line-up changes and have had released 8 albums and 1 E.P. over the years. The band is known for their strong Christian faith which is expressed in their lyrics, as Leroy Hamp professed to “Make a difference in a world that’s covered in darkness”.

“Sleight Of Hand”, starts off with a groovy riff with reverberating guitar chugs and dissonant soundscape which sounds nothing short of opening of a surreal portal to the song. The song takes no time to delve into heavy rhythms with powerful vocals tainted with aggression. The song remains upbeat and has a melodic chorus which follows a blazing guitar solo seamlessly fitting right into the song. The band introduces enough knee jerk bits to keep you engaged while delivering a tight composition. Kudos!

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Jun 232021

A Plea For Purging “The Marriage of Heaven & Hell” is back on vinyl for the first time in years! This pressing is updated with newly cut masters to include all audio, 180 gram vinyl, and lyric insert. Only 270 “Wolves Blood” color-way available.

Also available for preorder: exclusive A Plea for Purging throwback merch in two designs.

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Jun 112021

Facedown Records are very proud to welcome HolyName to the Family; the brand new collaboration includes members new to the Family as well as Facedown alumni.

A brand new single ‘Perpetua’ drops today and joins ‘Fall On Your Knees’ and ‘Meet Me Somewhere Quiet,’ the band’s two previous singles.

HolyName founders Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) and Joe Holt enlist the services of top musicians Brook Reeves (Impending Doom), Matthew Weir, Aaron Craner, and producer Ryan Leitru (For Today).

Long-time label member and friend Tommy Green: “HolyName is so excited to partner with Facedown Records. After working together on Sleeping Giant, the experience, relationship, and Friendship personally just made this the best decision.

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Mar 052021

Dens has announced a re-worked version of their 2020 release re-titled “Tamed Tongues which will be released April 30th via Facedown Records. Read the band’s statement below about the motivation behind the new project.

When we planned for “Taming Tongues” to be released in 2020, we had no idea what the year would bring. On the one hand, we were amazed at how timely an album about being slow to speak and quick to listen would end up being. This year has further solidified our conviction that it is absolutely imperative to handle words responsibly, empathetically, and with a firm conviction on truth. On the other hand, an album release in the middle of a global pandemic was far from ideal. Touring? Nope. Festivals? Nope. Live music in any venue? Nope.

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Feb 052021

From the Gulf Coast of Texas come Bloodlines, a four-piece modern -core outfit taking cues from bands like For Today, Impending Doom and Convictions. The band’s 2019 debut LP Hostile | Minds, which marries classic metal core with a distinctly progressive twist, was hailed as a “dark and violent record,” with one reviewer noting “A heavy band is born.”

Bloodlines’ mission statement is as clear as their sound is brutal. They plainly assert that their vision is very simple and that’s to spread the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Bloodlines are releasing their brand new single, ‘Colder’, followed by “Hevel,” a 5 song EP slated for summer 2021.

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