Feb 172017

Facedown Records are so excited to welcome Nothing Left, featuring Ryan and Brandon Leitru, formerly of metalcore juggernaut For Today to the Facedown family!

Nothing Left burn down the house with their gritty, two fisted approach to hardcore. Raw and angry, this 6-song EP refuels the flames of the early hardcore movement and makes you remember the dynamic underground music scene of your youth. “Destroy and Rebuild” is satisfyingly stripped down, with an in-your-face aggression—exactly what you’d hope for in a passion project from brothers Brandon and Ryan Leitru. Continue reading »

Those Who Fear – “State of Mind”

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Feb 122017

Those Who Fear is a Christian hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA. Founded in 2005 and since 2013 signed to Facedown records. On this label they released two full-length albums “Unholy Anger” and “Death Sentence”. Now they have released their sophomore album “State of Mind” which came out on December 9, 2016. Let’s take a closer look/listen to this album and see/hear what Those Who Fear has managed to deliver to us.

The first track is also the title track ‘State of Mind’. This song could also be seen as an intro, a rather long intro that is. Heavy and crushing as we are so used to by this band. This song flows fluently into the next track ‘Driven’. And boy, what a progression Those Who Fear made. The first two albums were great in their own way but sometimes a bit monotone. They have dealt with that criticism by adding more variety to their songs and riffs. One special surprise is that guest-vocals are done by Garret Russel of Silent Planet.

‘Better Off’ rages forth with the same energy but also has some up-tempo parts.  The track ‘Ten Years’ begins surprisingly with melodic guitar-work. This is repeated every time at the chorus and at the part where you know that the obvious breakdown hits they still know how to blow you out of your chair. Continue reading »

Feb 112017

Hands are back with a 2-song EP “New Heaven / New Earth.” The songs are available now worldwide on all digital outlets: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify. Limited edition 7″ vinyl can be pre-ordered now with an instant download of the songs. The vinyl version is limited to 330 hand numbered pieces with screen printed cover art.

Last month a special Hands reunion set was announced as part of the 20th anniversary Facedown Fest in Pomona, CA this May.  Before disbanding, Hands released two full length albums on Facedown: “Creator” and “Give Me Rest”.  When asked about coming back together for this EP and Facedown Fest, the guys had this to say:

“Shane and I started making music together almost 17 years ago. At the heart of our creative partnership is a deep and abiding friendship which was the source for what became Hands. This recording and the subsequent reunion shows represent, more than anything, an opportunity to pursue those things one more time. The fact that we were able to write and record them with the original members of the band, bringing long overdue closure to that chapter, made it an even better experience. Continue reading »

Jan 242017

Facedown Records are beyond excited to announce the line-up for the Twenty Year anniversary edition of Facedown Fest happening May 11 – 13, 2017 at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA. It’s an honor to have worked with so many great artists over the past 20 years and we are humbled that many of them are coming back to perform reunions at this years Fest! These very special reunions include: A Plea For Purging, In The Midst Of Lions, Overcome (Jason Stinson on vocals line-up), Nodes Of Ranvier, Bloodlined Calligraphy, Sinai Beach, xLooking Forwardx, and Hands! The Fest will also include such headliners as: Impending Doom, Sleeping Giant, and Gideon along with the rest of the Facedown Family (full line-ups + poster below).

Tickets will go on sale on February 1st at facedownfest.com and will include limited edition bundles with exclusive Facedown 20 Year Anniversary items. Continue reading »

Poured Out – “To The Point Of Death”

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Dec 212016

to_the_point_of_death_62cAfter having put out their EP “Blind Heart” earlier this year on Facedown Records, hardcore-band Poured Out are back with their debut full-length album “To the Point of Death”. The album is mixed by Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome Studios and the cover artwork is done by Slipknot’s Jay Weinberg.

The album kicks you right where it hurts immediately from the start. ‘Dementia’ is a raw and furious hardcore track. Poured Out also uses some chaotic elements on this album that touch the math-core genre from time to time. The songs are relatively short as we are used to in hardcore. But all with such a high energy that it all s just right. The longest track, the last one, however is still 4:37 minutes.

‘Silhouette of Grief’ is a pure example of the passion what hardcore is all about, with some breakdowns and spoken word, followed by ‘Apathy Nothing’ where the vocals remind me of label mates Those Who Fear. This song is packed full of up-tempo rhythms and a solo that is off-note and it fits in very well. Continue reading »