Aug 132017

Norwegian death metal band Fleshkiller (feat. Extol mastermind Ole Børud) will play an exclusive show at the tenth edition of Brainstorm Festival. The cultural rock and metal festival will be held this year on 3 and 4 November as usual in the Gigant in Apeldoorn (NL).

Other performing bands will be: Living Sacrifice (Metal from the USA), Xandria (Symphonic Metal from Germany), Project 86 (Heavy rock from USA), Sea + Air (Ghost Pop from D/GR). Dark Sarah (Gothic Metal from FIN), Death Therapy (Industrial groove metal from the USA), Wind Rose (Dwarven Metal from ITA), Sleeping Romance (Symphonic Metal from ITA), Undawn (Metalcore from Holland), The Memory Remains (80/90’s metal/rock from Holland).

Fleshkiller will release its debut album “Awaken” in September via Indie Recordings & Facedown Records (US & CAN). The first single ‘Parallel Kingdom’ was released on June 30. The lyric video can be watched below. Continue reading »

Feb 122016

fleshkillerNorwegian death metallers Extol have checked in with the following update:

“Hi everyone!  It´s been awfully quiet from the Extol camp lately. We know many of you are eager to know what´s going on and when to expect something new from Extol. Due to other projects and obligations it´s gonna take a good while before we can start working on new material. That said, we are very happy to announce that there are two very exciting Extol related projects in the works! Ole Børud continues his journey exploring the progressive sides of death metal with his brand new project Fleshkiller. Reuniting with his former band mate Peter Dalbakk from their early 90´s melodic death metal act Schaliach, this project will definitely be one to check out! Head over to and follow the action from there!”

“The other project will be revealed very soon so stay tuned… We´d like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your support over that last years! We truly appreciate it!” Continue reading »

Mar 102015

Peter_Espevoll_II_by_KienBaoBadChristian recently conducted an interview with Peter Espevoll of the Norwegian metal band Extol. Peter talks with Matt, Toby and Joey about his metal band Extol, spending time in a Norwegian mental care facility with his family and why Extol took an unexplained hiatus, as well as mental health and its life changing effects on his world. “We live in this world and it’s full of shit. Rather than always praying for health or the perfect things, my focus has been more on asking God to be with me in the tough things.” The interview can be heard on BC‘s latest podcast.

Extol‘s long-awaited fifth album has been released on 21st of June 2013 in Norway, Germany and Austria and on 24th of June in Europe via Indie Recordings and on June 25 in North America via Facedown Records. Continue reading »

May 022014

Extol_of Light ... posterExtol: of Light and Shade is a documentary about the Norwegian death metal band Extol. A new teaser can be seen below.

A documentary about the Norwegian Christian death metal band Extol. In 2007, after 6 studio-releases, Norwegian Grammy award nomination, world wide touring with bands such as Mastodon and Opeth, the band went off the radar without any explanation. More than 5 years later, Extol reunites to embark on the production of new material. But life looks truly different for the trio Peter, David and Ole. With family duties and health issues to consider the challenges are lining up for the group that is determined to make “the best death metal album in ages!”.

The band that have been faced with attacks from two main oppositions; both Christians and forces within the Norwegian metal scene, known for their brutality and dark history. How does Extol combine their faith with this expression, in a genre that is built upon the aggressive, morbid and occult? Whilst some Christians react to the bands aesthetic and effects with fear and loathing, parts of the metal scene reacts to the evangelical content of their songs. Continue reading »

Feb 122014

Extol_2013_aprilExtol have released a digital Deluxe Edition of their self titled 2013 album. The new edition contains the exclusive new track ‘Sting of Death’, as well as new digital booklet containing never-before-seen artwork.

In addition to the release of Extol Deluxe Edition and accompanying lyric video for ‘Sting of Death’, there has also been an update from Animidas Productions on the release of the Extol documentary film. The video can be seen in the youtube clip below.

We´ve had our hands extremely full with post production and we´re now very close to a finished film..!  Continue reading »