Eluveitie – “Evocation II: Pantheon”

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Dec 062017

For those who are familiar with their name know what to expect from this review, for the others less fortunate let me take a moment to apprise you of the wonder that is Eluveitie. Founded by Chrigel Glanzmann back in 2002, this Swiss Folk metal band is known for incorporating traditional instruments such as the likes of Hurdy Gurdy,  flutes, violin, bagpipes, tin whistles to name a few.  Their sound has a blend of Celtic folk melodies with Gothenburg styled Melodic death metal and vocals often written in English and ancient extinct Gaulish.

Often referred to as the The New wave  folk metal, “Eluveitie” is interpreted in the Etruscan language as “The Swiss” and ever since its formation has known to have huge line-up (An average of 9 members). “Evocation” a project that was conceptualised in 2008, started off with its first part “Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion” which was released in April 2009. A second part of the Evocation project “Evocation II: Pantheon” was announced in September 2016 and was released in August 2017 under the record label Nuclear Blast.

This album is nothing like its predecessors, having a tremendous blend of Wind and string instruments to recreate the sound of earth. All of the 18 songs have been named after Celtic gods, sounds like a lot of research went into the making of this album. Continue reading »

Oct 272017

Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie have just released a brand-new single, ‘Rebirth’. The song is the first taste of the band’s upcoming album, which is due next year.

The official video for ‘Rebirth’, which was produced by Wolfgang Wolman and Oliver Sommer of AVA Studios, can be seen below.

Eluveitie‘s Christian “Chrigel” Glanzmann comments: “After a longer period of playing many acoustic sessions, peaking in creating our much-anticipated second acoustic album, “Evocation II – Pantheon”, we’re, of course, more than excited to finally go about our next metal juggernaut! We’ve been gathering ideas since quite a while and yes, we started working on our next metal album! Continue reading »