Sep 212018

On October 12, Eagle Vision will release Evanescence‘s “Synthesis Live” on DVD+CD, Blu-ray+CD and digital formats.

Recorded late last autumn during the band’s critically acclaimed “Synthesis” tour, the concert was captured in state-of-the-art 4K by director P.R. Brown and produced by Craig Ziogas of CTGS Productions.

A performance clip of the song “My Immortal”, taken from “Synthesis Live”, can be seen below. Continue reading »

Jun 102018

The official music video for Evanescence‘s new single, ‘Hi-Lo’, can be seen below. The clip, which was directed by P.R. Brown, includes a guest performance by famed violinist Lindsey Stirling.

‘Hi-Lo’ is one of two new songs that are included on Evanescence‘s latest album, “Synthesis”. The set is a reimagining of some of Evanescence‘s best-loved tracks is the band’s first full-length effort since its 2011 self-titled release. Continue reading »

Jun 042018

Evanescence are very excited to announce our summer North American 2018 tour with Lindsey Stirling across the US – Synthesis style, with live orchestra!

Well, this should be an awesome tour.

Evanescence is back and will be heading out on tour to support their latest album “Synthesis,” which if you listen to is more of an Amy Lee album than really an Evanescence album, but that’s for you to decide!

But along for the trek? The band will be taking YouTube sensation & Dancing with the Stars contestant Lindsey Stirling!

What makes this show incredibly unique is that each performance will be accompanied by a full orchestra…..

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Nov 292017

Evanescence singer Amy Lee recently talked to about her band’s latest album, “Synthesis”. You can watch the chat below.

Speaking about the lyrical message behind Evanescence‘s latest single, ‘Imperfection’, one of the two new songs featured on “Synthesis”Lee said: “‘Imperfection’ has several meanings, and one of them is definitely about loss and the sadness that we all feel and the struggle of getting through it is undeniable. And I think that we need to connect, and the point is expressing that and connecting to each other, that’s hard to sum up. But another part of it is accepting our flaws and our differences and not seeing them so much as flaws as the thing about us that makes us us. So when the song talks about ‘imperfection,’ it’s really describing… just your you, your uniqueness, that thing. And if could all maybe look at our imperfections a little bit less like imperfections and a little bit more like our uniqueness — I don’t know — maybe that would be a good thing. I still struggle with it.” Continue reading »

Oct 282017

Evanescence has released a new version of its song ‘Lacrymosa’. Taken from the band’s next album, “Synthesis”, which is due on November 10, the track features full orchestration in a completely synthetic world of beats and sounds, with help from arranger and composer David Campbell.

“Synthesis” will feature two new Evanescence songs in addition to fan favorites re-recorded with a live orchestra and electronica. The effort includes guest performance by famed violinist Lindsey Stirling on ‘Hi-Lo’, one of the new tracks on the disc.

The “Synthesis Live” tour launched on October 14 on the West Coast. Remaing dates and locations are listed below. Continue reading »