Jan 212020

Saviour Machine‘s legendary goth metal frontman has written the album of his career and is currently recording his journey called “A Thousand Scars”, with the aid of his trusty Nine, contributing from all over the world.

The new album will contain 15 new tracks (75+ minutes), and is available as digital download, CD and vinyl.

They recently launched the new album pre-orders / crowdfunding campaign; “we’ve created a selection of nice goodies for you, as well as the regular album on CD or vinyl.

“Thank you all so much for the seemingly endless support in creating, recording, producing and releasing this album!”

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Aug 192018

Saviour Machine frontman Eric Clayton is back with a new band Eric Clayton And The Nine, recently he posted the following on facebook:

Five years ago Eric Clayton’s life was in turmoil. What’s new, right? Ever since he formed Saviour Machine in 1989, in sunny California, with his brother Jeff, it seems much of his artistic career and his private life has been cursed rather than blessed. The stories about banishment, mismanagement and business relationships gone sour are legion. The man even felt the need to write a book about it because it was impossible to explain everything anymore in an interview. And yes- there’s also the stories about some album that remains unfinished.

But this time it was serious. In 2004, Eric got diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus, a condition that got worse over the course of some years.

By now we are all familiar with the American healthcare system. You’re not insured, there is no money, we’re gonna pump you full of pills. All kinds of them. The ones that make you feel numb, afraid of everything, weary of contact with anyone. The ones that make you feel dead inside. Continue reading »