Sep 172020

The 13th edition of the Brainstorm Festival will go into the books as a special corona edition. Instead of two days of fireworks, this year’s festival should be limited to one evening, with room for only two bands. The amount of public has also been limited: there is room for 42 seated visitors.

Now we can mourn the fact that the annual festival cannot take place in normal form. We prefer to look forward to what promises to be a special and intimate evening. Eric Clayton and The Nine (USA / NL) presents their new album and with Scarlet Stories (NL) we have captured a strongly emerging band from the Low Countries.

UPDATE: WOW, the show SOLD OUT in 36 minutes! Super awesome! Thank you to everyone for their support. And for the people who unfortunately cannot be there this year: in 2021 we hope to put on a real bang edition again! And then hopefully you will all be there again!

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Aug 202020

While many hope for new material from Saviour Machine, Eric Clayton has released what is in essence a solo album in A Thousand Scars, a gothic inspired view into his personal journey and struggles over the last years.

Any review of Eric Clayton material has to include the story of Saviour Machine, the legendary goth metal band formed in 1989 by Eric and his brother Jeff. Over the course of the band’s career, five studio albums were released, Saviour Machine I and II in 1993 and 1994 and then the Legend trilogy comprised of Legend I, II, and III:1 between 1997-2001. A self-described “unofficial soundtrack to the end of the world”, the Legend trilogy is four full-length CDs and over five hours of music, and yet the project remains unfinished. Saviour Machine is long and complicated story of label mismanagement, problems with business relationships of such a proportion that it would fill a book. Eric himself has dealt with personal and health issues over the years and became inactive in the music scene until be being drawn back in 2015, performing with Ayreon in Europe for a couple of weeks. This led to Eric and his brother Jeff covering David Bowie songs and soon other members of Saviour Machine were reaching out looking to collaborate on new material. After moving to Europe, Eric reached out to some Dutch friends to form a band he could play live with and the Nine was born followed by a string of festivals and club shows across Europe. In 2019 Eric Clayton and Nine began work on A Thousand Scars, produced by Devon Graves (Buddy Lackey, Psychotic Waltz).

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Mar 312020

Saviour Machine‘s legendary goth metal frontman has written the album of his career and is currently recording his journey called “A Thousand Scars”, with the aid of his trusty Nine, contributing from all over the world.

‘The Space Between Us’ is the first single from “A Thousand Scars” ‘, the Eric Clayton solo record that will be released very soon. The lyric video can be watched below.

Clayton comment: It’s been precisely 19 years since I released an original piece of music… This is a “single edit” of the opening track from “A Thousand Scars”… This lovely, epic piece of music was written by my brother, Jeff Clayton and was originally being developed for SM… It was never planned to be a single, but it seems more appropriate than ever right now…

We had an amazing time creating and recording this 15-song musical journey. Space between us, between you and others, you and us, is something we need, desire and that we even lack from time to time. But in this time of social distance, of not being allowed to hold and hug your loved ones, we come to realise how much it means, how normal it is to be near to each other. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that you are safe, healthy and filled with optimism.

We would like for this song to help you smile and look brightly into the near future. We promise you’ll be seeing us, hearing us as close as possible, real soon! Stay safe, be connected and God Bless you all~

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Jan 212020

Saviour Machine‘s legendary goth metal frontman has written the album of his career and is currently recording his journey called “A Thousand Scars”, with the aid of his trusty Nine, contributing from all over the world.

The new album will contain 15 new tracks (75+ minutes), and is available as digital download, CD and vinyl.

They recently launched the new album pre-orders / crowdfunding campaign; “we’ve created a selection of nice goodies for you, as well as the regular album on CD or vinyl.

“Thank you all so much for the seemingly endless support in creating, recording, producing and releasing this album!”

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Dec 282018

Eric Clayton (the voice of Saviour Machine) is doing a small tour through Europe this fall/winter with his new band ‘The Nine’, earlier this month (Dec. 7+8)  Eric Clayton and The Nine played at the ‘Christmas Rock Night’ in Germany, fan-filmed video footage of the mainstage show can be seen in the video below. (Thanks Molly)

Saviour Machine frontman Eric Clayton is back with a new band Eric Clayton And The Nine, recently he posted the following on facebook:

Five years ago Eric Clayton’s life was in turmoil. What’s new, right? Ever since he formed Saviour Machine in 1989, in sunny California, with his brother Jeff, it seems much of his artistic career and his private life has been cursed rather than blessed. The stories about banishment, mismanagement and business relationships gone sour are legion. The man even felt the need to write a book about it because it was impossible to explain everything anymore in an interview. And yes- there’s also the stories about some album that remains unfinished.

But this time it was serious. In 2004, Eric got diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus, a condition that got worse over the course of some years. Continue reading »