Mar 172019

Classic Post Hardcore act Emery checked in with the following:

Hey Friends! Toby and I will be playing some acoustic shows in just over a month from now. If you’re in or around the midwest, come hang out and sing along to your favorite Emery tunes and hear some cool Emery stories. We will be answering any and all of your questions about songwriting, lyrical meaning…anything you want to know! Bring your own beverages and prepare yourself to relax and hear those harmonies you’ve loved for all these years!

It’s gonna be a super fun time but tickets are extremely limited since these will be in houses, coffeeshops or small venues. Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive the show details and location before the day of the show. Continue reading »

Oct 172018

Classic Post Hardcore act Emery checked in with the following:

We have some bad news…

We are bummed to announce that Sherwood will not be joining us for the BC Roadshow next month. Due to some personal health issues, they reluctantly had to back out of the tour. We wish them all the best going forward!

BUUUUT…we are excited to announce that He Is Legend will be taking their place! With less than a month remaining, we are so stoked about this tour! Can’t wait to see you guys next month!

He Is Legend dropped their Spinefarm debut “Few” in April 2017. It debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart upon release.

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Oct 132018

Emery have released a music video for ‘People Always Ask Me if We’re Gonna Cuss in an Emery Song’ can be seen below. This is the third single off their new full length album, “Eve”, available for Pre-Order now at .

This will be the first lp with Devin Shelton back in the band full time.

Emery is an American post-hardcore band from Seattle, Washington currently signed to BadChristian Music. Emery was founded in 2001 in Rock Hill, South Carolina Continue reading »

Download Free ‘Emery’ Christmas EP

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Dec 172015

Christmas EP_EmeryWe finally did it. “We Wish You Emery Christmas” EP is a collection of 8 Christmas songs guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit for years to come.

The best news? We’re making it FREE (or pay what you want, if you’d like to support us), for a limited time, exclusively through our webstore.

It includes original Christmas songs by Emery, live covers from our tour bus, Toby‘s garage, as well as two live recordings of myself (Matt Carter)
and Melanie Studley (Seth, ex-drummer of Emery’s wife) with a jazz trio! Continue reading »

Emery – “You Were Never Alone”

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May 212015

you were never aloneIf you have never listened to Emery, then you’ve missed out on some great music for the past 11 years. Their unique sound is influenced by a wide variety of genres such as post-hardcore, alternative rock, and -arguably- emo. Some feel that their debut album “The Weak’s End” is their best work, while others claim that they got better with every album. The band doesn’t specifically identify as a christian band, to avoid the stigma that comes with it. But all the members are openly christian, and the lyrics show this on a regular basis. Emery seeks to spread art and love, and has gained a lot of respect for this from both christian and secular audiences. After four years of hard work, including creating their own label, they released their newest album “You Were Never Alone”.

The first song “Rock, Pebble, Stone” begins pretty mellow. Vocal harmonies, and clean guitars in the background. The song will feel welcoming and familiar to any Emery fan, in a good way. The thing I’ve always liked about Emery is their ability to make softer songs, while their sound as a band remains relatively consistent. That is not an easy thing to achieve. The band matures with each album, but also seems to get more creative. Something else that stands out to me, is the bass guitar. It’s very audible, and doesn’t disappear into the background. That is a very positive thing in my book. It is a pretty upbeat song, and a very accesible start for their album. Continue reading »