Eligibbor – “The Path of Suffering”

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Jan 052014

Elgibbor 2013Anyone familiar with black metal will instantly recognize the sound on The Path of Suffering by Elgibbor. For those not so familiar, this style/genre is often very dark and bleak, often conveying a sense of starkness and cold while at the same time impressing on the listener a sense of war and conflict. All of those elements are here in The Path of Suffering.

From the Metal Helm website (metalhelm.com), The Path of Suffering was born largely out of struggles and trials the band members were going through during the recording process, and yet, while tested, they were able to focus their reliance on God and faith to overcome the trials. Although it is typically somewhat difficult to understand the shrill black metal shrieking, the basis for many of the lyrics are straight out of Holy Scripture, including passages from Psalms, 1 Chronicles, Jeremiah, and Revelation. Those unfamiliar with Elgibbor may be surprised to know that there are around 14 other full-length albums by the band since 2004 and a number of other splits and eps. The band is largely the project of Fire, a one-time Satanist who turned to Christianity and the one who handles all vocals and instruments. For this album, Fire brought on Armath Sargon to handle keyboards and Thundermorr for drums. Continue reading »

Dec 192013

Elgibbor.2014A new Elgibbor album will be released through American label Shigionoth Records on January 7th, 2014. The album entitled “The Path Of Suffering” will be distributed through official distributor Metal Helm.

‘Conqueror of the Nation’ [a full new song] and a 3.42 minutes long album teaser can both be streamed below.

As the title suggests this album was birthed out of pain and suffering, yet the focus of the lyrics on the album is not on the angst that life can bring but instead on the anchor of hope that our Savior is. It was a difficult time in the lives of the members of Elgibbor during the creation of this release, so much so that the lyrical content took on a life of its own. The writing process birthed not only Elgibbor’s best work to date but it helped the struggling members to gain footholds against the enemy’s attacks! Focusing their struggles to our one true hope in life Jesus Christ! Continue reading »

Nov 242013

ElgibborA new Elgibbor album will be released through American label Shigionoth Records in December 2013. The album entitled “The Path Of Suffering” will be distributed through official distributor Metal Helm. ‘Reassures’ & ‘Conqeror of the Nations’ are new songs of the forth-coming album, these 2 tracks are available for streaming on stereokiller.com now.

More details and pre-order options wil be announced soon. Continue reading »