Jul 172015

leviticus_logo_BIGThe latest band that has been added to the line-up for the next edition of Elements of Rock is long time running Swedish classic heavy metal band Leviticus.

For those who aren’t up on the history of Christian metal bands, Leviticus formed in 1981 and was led by Bjorn Stigsson. Some refer to as one of the pioneers of Christian metal. Their first ep was released in 1982 and after that they remained a band, releasing four albums before disbanding in 1990. The band re-formed in March 2003 to play at the final Bobfest. The show was recorded by Sveriges Radio and released to CD. The final Leviticus show was held in Hjo Sweden June 2003 a festival gig together with Swedish metal giants In Flames. A re-release of ”The Strongest Power” from 1985 has been released in 2013 through Ektro Records. Our review can be found here.

Other performing bands will be: Jacobs Dream (USA), Polution (CH) & The Malice (SE/DE). More names will be announced  in the next months. Continue reading »

Jun 222015

JACOBS DREAM_BandThe first bands for the annual Elements of Rock have been announced, Jacobs Dream (USA), Polution (CH) & The Malice (SE/DE). The Malice feat. Claudio Enzler, Sacrificium, Hubertus Liljegren, ex-Sanctifica, ex-Crimson Moonlight). More names will be announced  in the next months.

The 13th edition of EoR will be held on March 18-20. 2016. As usual in Stadthofsaal, Uster, Switzerland. It is still far away, but mark your calendar. Continue reading »

May 162015

EOR_logoThe 13th edition of the annual Elements of Rock has been announced, the festival will be held on March 18-20. 2016. As usual in Stadthofsaal, Uster, Switzerland. It is still far away, but mark your calendar.

Performing bands at the latest edition (March 13-15) were: : Narnia (SW), Polution (CH), Frosthardr (NO), Bloodwork (UK), Sleeping Romance (IT) Malchus (PL), freaKINGS (CH), Changed (CH), Empire 21 (SW), Immortal Souls (FIN), HB (FIN) and Morgarten (CH), Continue reading »

Feb 152015

narnia_thebandSwedish neo-classical metallers Narnia recently announced that they will be headlining the twelfth edition of Elements of Rock Festival March 13, 2015 in Switzerland. The band has the following to say: ‘We feel honoured to return back again to this excellent festival. We are looking forward to meet You! Hope to see you all there!’

The band formed in Sweden in 1996, disbanded in 2010, and reformed in 2014. Their album themes heavily reference The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis.

Narnia has toured with such bands as Dio, Stratovarius and Sonata Artica. They played several festivals, such as Sweden Rock Festival and Gates Of Metal, where thousands of fans enjoyed Narnia‘s energetic live show, which leaves no one unaffected. Continue reading »

Dec 232014

Malchus 2014’10 years had to pass before releasing a studio cd that sounds so good. “The Evil House” is a music book in which each song constitutes a separate historical thread. Listening to the cd you will not fall into monotonny as heavy guitar sound is engaged with melancholic tune. Fast tempo that is broken by keyboard interlude is switched into slow heavy riffs. That’s just new Malchus.’

‘We’ve put a lot of effort and hard work into this cd.. Within a year we covered much more distance than Radoslaw Sikorski /but unlike him we paid for it with our own $/ so as to pursue our passion after our usual work. Due to constant changes of the rehearsal location (presently we’re stationed in Dębica) we have to practise at night getting home back late at nigh t- 2 am. We hope new Malchus will be to your liking.’ Continue reading »