Mar 252019

Brazil and metal conjures up thoughts of Sepultura and Doomsday Hymn brought that on their debut back in 2015 and these two new digital singles show the band has further matured their sound…and fury.

Doomsday Hymn out of Curitiba, Brazil formed in late 2013 with Gil Lopes (vocals) and Jarlisson Jaty (drums), and then other band members being added to create the original 5 piece lineup.That lineup would record an ep and album that solidified the Doomsday Hymn sound and garnered the group critical praise.  Since 2015, the band has retained only Gil Lopes on vocals and now are a four piece and despite the changes, the sound is an evolution of the one from the original lineup.

“Sujo/Imundo” is one of those songs that is filled with fury and metal and an underlying groove, which goes into overdrive and if you’velistened to Sepultura at all the style will sound familiar.  Gil Lopes vocals bark out in rapid fire and Jairo Messias drums punctuate things like machine gun fire at times and then in other parts of the song meld with the bass line to produce an undeniably catchy groove. Continue reading »

Mar 112019

Originally released as lyric video at the end of January this year, ‘Sujo / Imundo’ is one of the new singles from the Brazilian Groove/Thrash Metal band Doomsday Hymn, which has been getting a good acceptance of the group’s fan base, besides being broadcast on radio stations in Brazil, Argentina, The United States and Europe.

As part of a planning orchestrated since before the band officially went back to their activities, is released last friday (March 8), the EP “Sujo/imundo – RemiXes” where friends of the band, there are producers too, had the opportunity to deconstruct the track and remount it accordingly with ther thoughts.
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Dec 082018

After a 2-year break in their career where no release was made, the Brazilian band Doomsday Hymn returns to the metal scene presenting a new lineup, visual identity and a new sound.

The formation this time counts on 4 members, being the vocalist Gil Lopes the unique one of the original formation. In addition to him, we have newcomers Renato Ribeiro (guitar of 6 and 7 strings), João Rafael (bass) and Jairo Messias (drums).

With the return of the band, they release a clip for the new single, entitled ‘O Fim’, which counts on the participation of former members. The track was recorded in Curitiba at Vox Dei Studio with production by Tiago Brandão. Continue reading »

Oct 302017

I.N.V.E.R.S.O., is the title track from the first Legacy of Kain (LOK) album, which is released as a free download. Legacy Of Kain is the new band of guitarists Angelo Torquetto and Karim Serri (Doomsday  Hymn). The video can be watched below. 

The band states: “It is with great pleasure that we show you, lok ‘ ers friends, our first album, ” i.n.v.e.r.s.o.”. It was months of hard work where we strive as a team to bring an album that impactasse mind and heart of each. Listen, give us your feedback, share with your friends and get ready because we want to touch your city! Without further ado, with you… “.”

After more than 20 years of career and playing through important bands in the Metal scene (Crosskill, Devil Torturer, Desertor, Messianic Cry, Seven Angels and Doomsday Hymn) both guitarists Angelo Torquetto and Karim Serri advertise that they were stating a new band. Now, not just the public that follow their trajectory but also the headbangers from Brazil and the whole world have a great reason to celebrate, because one more consistent name rise up with a mission to honor and represent all the Metal strength: Legacy of Kain. Continue reading »

Apr 062016

Jarilison_Jaty_DH_377‘Empire’ [August Burns Red] a Drum Cover by Jarlisson Jaty of Brazilian metal band Doomsday Hymn. ‘Empire’ comes of August Burns Red fourth studio album “Leveler”  has been released on June 21, 2011 through Solid State Records. The video can be watched below.

In March of last year,  Doomsday Hymn signed with US record label Rottweiler Records to launch and distribute the album “Mene Tequel Ufarsim” which was officially released on April 4th 2015 at the annual Metanoia fest. in Brazil.“Mene Tequel Ufarsim” was directed by Kako Alves from Kako Cine he is also responsable for recording known bands in Brasil. “Mene Tequel Ufarsim” was recorded in Hotel Roma in Curitiba-Bra. Continue reading »