Morning Dwell – “The Guardians Of Time”

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Nov 102017

This power metal band from Sweden released their second full length album. I never heard of this band but I’m glad I know them now. It is a feast for the power metal fans, because it takes us back to the old golden days of the metal.

The first song of the album At the end of the Universe starts off relaxed and slow, and when the keyboard stars to play, it already gives you the feeling of the old days. It picks up speed as it goes and that makes it interesting, I think. It makes me want to listen to the whole song and it’s a song which is well made. The song The guardians of Time starts with a choir-like vocals, which make it feel divine. The powerful guitar chords gives it more power and makes a nice contrast to this divine sound. The solo of this song is great. It is fast and sound just great. Continue reading »

May 112016

Morning Dwell (large)The power metal machine from Sweden Morning Dwell has checked in with the following update on the band’s sophomore album “The Guardians Of Time”:

“Well, now our label, Doolittle Group, changed plans for our second album! First they wanted to release the album now in may but they changed the release date to late august. The reason is because Doolittle are moving to a new local in Örebro and want our album be a part of a “new start”. We’re sorry for the delay but the release date is not a decision we in the band control. We’ll post some other stuff meanwhile! -Stay tuned! MD!” Continue reading »

Haunted by Destiny – “Aria for an Angel”

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Sep 282015

HauntedByDestiny_cover_1_112Whenever someone mentions a hard rock band from Sweden, my thoughts initially turn to Blindside, which means any others have some fairly high expectations to live up to.  Haunted by Destiny, have released their debut album Aria for an Angel on Sweden’s Doolitle Group, which is home to other hard rock/power metal bands such as Benesser, Black Rose, and ReinXeed.

Haunted by Destiny has its roots in the eastern Swedish city of Norrköping, which is a ways south of Stockholm for those looking for some context.  Initially, the band began with drummer Christian Gardenfuhr and guitarist Johan Söderhielmhas getting together to make some music.  Singer Evelina Eliasson was the next to join the band and soon new songs were being written and demos recorded.  Along the way the band added  Marcus K Johansson on bass  and guitarist Simon Weston to complete the lineup and create the full band.  With this lineup, the band recorded and the Aria ep at PPP Recordings with Peter “PP” Samuelsson.  With the success of the ep, the band began playing shows wherever they could and established a bit of a local following.  For their debut full length album,t he band went back to PPP Recording and this time added eight new tracks to the four from the ep to give Aria for an Angel. Continue reading »

Sep 082015

haunted logoSwedish alternative rock band Haunted by Destiny will release their debut full-lenght album “Aria For An Angel” on Sept. 20th through Doolittle Group AB.

The only thing bigger than the ambitions and the commitment of the band is the music. Haunted by Destiny delivers between the lines and offers something new, something different and something big. Following the success of ”Aria” EP. Haunted by Destiny wants to reach out and grasp the world.

Earlier this week they released a music video for ‘Healthy Girl,’ the video can be watched below. Continue reading »

Sarea – “This is Not Goodbye”

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Sep 152014

Sarea_coverMany know Sweden for producing bands with incredibly heavy music from bands like Meshuggah, At the Gates, and Entombed among others, but Sweden has also produced some bands like Blindside with a hard but very melodic and more radio-friendly sound.  In that vein is Sarea with their second album, This is Not Goodbye.

Sarea formed in 2008 and released their first album, Alive, in 2010 with the goal of creating a debut with “major hit potential”.  The songs on Alive were stripped down and straightforward, no-filler with the longest song clocking in around four minutes.  As a testament to the popularity of the album, the single “Another Me” currently has over 1.5 million views on YouTube.  The band followed up the release of the album with touring during 2011 and returned to the studio in 2012 to begin recording This is Not Goodbye. 

On the plus side, Sarea open up This is Not Goodbye without an intro track, choosing to buck the current trend and just build an intro piece into their first song.  I thank them for that.  “Conform with Me” is that first track and opens up with a bit of intro music and then a keyboard heavy start to the song and format that instantly brings to mind bands like Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch.  Heavy undertones but very radio-friendly and melodic.  Continue reading »