Feb 052020

Roxx Records is stoked to be able to bring you a very limited edition pressing of the debut release from 20 lb Sledge. If you recently picked up and enjoyed the new album “Electric Exodus” you are in for a treat to hear the debut album from this amazing band.

If you’re not familiar, its sound is wave after wave of sonic body blows, grizzly gospel, stone grinding grooves, and a well-balanced dose of glycemic melodies. The formula yields a sound that’s sweet a little bit like the God given gift of freedom with grit it takes to keep it. The lyrics are barked out with a bite of sharp toothed proclamation while keeping the mood in the light, and also adding syrupy melodies to the formula. 20 lb Sledge relates multi generationally, from snotty teens to old farts. 20 lb Sledge doesn’t promote anger, debauchery, misogyny, or butt hurt! It’s a dirty sound with a clean message!

Or just check out the killer track and single ‘Special Delivery’

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