Mar 302018

Rock Alive Festival was not being held in September 2017 and was moved to April 2018. But unfortunately for the Deliverance fans who have already bought a ticket, this time they do not come either … Deliverance just checked in with the following sad news …

Dear Deliverance Fans,

We regret to inform you that as of 3/28/18 we will not be heading to the Netherlands for “Rock Alive Festival”. Due to contractual obligations not met within the specific contracted deadlines our management has decided in our best interest to cancel this show. We have labored over this decision and did not take it lightly. The situation was truly out of our hands and we hope that in the very near future to see all of you in Europe , U.S. and the world alike SOON!

Deliverance & No Compromise Artist Agency

The organisation of Rock Alive has the following to say: Continue reading »

Mar 222018

In a series of drum cover videos that focus on Jim Chaffin influences growing up. Check out the fifth one below.

Dave Lombardo is #1 if I was doing this list in order of magnitude. He has the perfect blend of punk and metal as a player. His riffing on the snare and toms, fast feet? Ridiculous. How can you forget his 16th’s on the ride! Massive influence for video #5.

The video can be watched below.

Jim Chaffin is the original drummer for The Crucified and Fasedown and has played with many other acts. Such as Once Dead, The Blamed and Left Out. Currently Jim is playing drums Deliverance. Continue reading »

Deliverance – “The Subversive Kind”

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Feb 112018

Deliverance returns with a thrashy vengeance and not only their first new album in almost five years but also a reunion of Glenn Rogers and Jimmy P. Brown for the first time since their debut 1989 album.

Deliverance is a name well-known within the Christian metal community.  Dating back to 1985, the band has released 11 albums and been on a host of other compilations.  Many first became familiar with Deliverance with their 1990 release Weapons of Our Warfare with the title track gaining airplay on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball , and the album selling over 100,000 copies, leading many to label it the Master of Puppets for Christian metal.  As often happens, lineups changes and by the fourth album in 1992, Stay of Execution, the band had their second guitarist change and Jimmy P.  Brown took the band in a more progressive direction, tired of being known as the Christian Metallica clones.  Changes in sound would continue with the band shifting to industrial for Assimilation in 2000 and then taking another hiatus before releasing As Above, So Below in 2007, which was followed by yet another hiatus until 2010.  In 2011, the band announced they would play a final show later that year, but as before, situations changed and the band reformed with George Ochoa on guitars, former drummer Jim Chaffin, and bassist Victor Macias to play Exodo Fest in Mexico with Grave Robber and Silent Planet.  2017 saw the re-release of their 1989 debut and Weapons of Our Warfare and the return of original guitarist Glenn Rodgers. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, The Subversive Kind was recorded and features performances from Victor Macias (Tourniquet) on bass, Greg Minier on guitars and Jim Chaffin on drums.  The album was produced by Jimmy P. Brown and Jim Chaffin and was recorded and mixed at 3 Frogz Studios and Valhalla Studio with mastering by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound. Continue reading »

Feb 012018

Jim Chaffin (The Crucified/Deliverance) checked in with the following:

“First in a series of drum cover videos that focus on my influences growing up. Stryper- Loving You original track by Robert Sweet off the Yellow And Black Attack album.”

The video can be watched below. Continue reading »

Jan 192018

Deliverance are pleased to announce they are working with Roxx Records and 3 Frogz Records, to officially release their brand new album, “The Subversive Kind,” on February 23rd, 2018.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the band is comprised of members Jimmy Brown (founding member, lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Glenn Rogers (original member, lead/rhythm guitar), Victor Macias (formerly of Tourniquet, bass), and Jim Chaffin (formerly of the Crucified drums), with guest lead guitar work by Greg Minier (the Crucified)..

“After so many years touring and recording I was honored to be asked back in Deliverance,” says Rogers. “We have unfinished business, and with ‘The Subversive Kind’ coming out I hope the fans will rediscover what Big D is all about.” Continue reading »