Dec 042019

Jimmy P. Brown (Deliverance, Jupiter VI) will release a new solo album in may 2020. The much anticipated followup to Jimmy‘s first solo release Eraserhead!

The first single ‘Always Falling’ is recently released, the lyric video for ‘Always Falling’ can be seen below. Brown checked in with following:

Greetings to you All, fellow Humans! 

My name is Jimmy P. Brown II. Yeah, its a long title, but I think its Zazzy, so I like it! 🙂 And besides, James Brown was already taken… LOL

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Jun 202019

Christian thrash metal pioneers Deliverance will play selected dates in Scotland and Germany this July. The band is booked to play the Dundee Church in Scotland on Thursday 25th of July, and Headbangers Open Air in Germany 27th of July.

This will mark the first time the band will play in Europe, and the line-up features original members Jimmy P Brown II and Glenn Rogers – formerly of Hirax and Heretic – on guitar. The band also features former Tourniquet bassist Victor Macias, and former The Crucified drummer Jim Chaffin.

Guitarist Glenn Rogers says, “I am so looking forward to hitting the stage with Deliverance. This is where it all started for me back in 1987. I can’t wait to play in Europe for the first time with Big D. We hope to show promoters that we can still hang with the best.” Continue reading »

Aug 072018

Retroactive Records will re-release Deliverance‘s “River Disturbance” album on CD and vinyl, release date is scheduled for August 21th. A new remastered track ‘After I Fell” can be streamed below.

Truly transcendent music is rare. Music that is incomparable, matchless, peerless, unrivaled, or inimitable is a very short list. Many artists strive for transcendence, but a precious few ever accomplish it. Starting out originally as a speed metal act with influences of Metallica and Slayer shining brightly, the band’s fourth album, Stay of Execution, signaled both change and growth in this epic metal band! This new sound was most noticeably embodied by vocalist Jimmy P. Brown II altering his vocal style singing much more like David Bowie and Saviour Machine’s Eric Clayton. The vocals fit the newer direction musically and with 1994’s River Disturbance, unleashed a new level of brilliance for Deliverance fans as they progressed into 1994 and beyond! A timeless album filled with haunting melodies and powerful metal music, River Disturbance ascended to new artistic heights. The title track is a tour de force of songwriting and arrangements. Melancholy and strong, with deeply introspective lyrical elements, River Disturbance is a prayer for inner peace with music that is melodic, dark, beautiful, and pummeling! Continue reading »

May 032018

Veteran metal band Deliverance have released a lyric video for ‘Bring ‘Em Down’ the track is taken from their new album “The Subversive Kind” which is released on Feb. 23rd through Roxx Records and 3 Frogz Records .

“‘Bring ‘em down’ is the lead off track for the album and also a very bold and aggressive track. Enjoy the new lyric video. Help us start sharing it all over and please request it at all your local rock radio stations of all types anywhere!”

Hailing from Los Angeles, the band is comprised of members Jimmy Brown (founding member, lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Glenn Rogers (original member, lead/rhythm guitar), Victor Macias (formerly of Tourniquet, bass), and Jim Chaffin (formerly of the Crucified drums), with guest lead guitar work by Greg Minier (the Crucified). Continue reading »

Apr 052018

Last friday there was a lot of commotion within the Christian metal scene after Deliverance canceled their performance on the Rock Alive fest. (April 14) and also about the statement that Rock Alive released.

Now they have released the following jointly statement;

Dear Rock Alive & Deliverance Fans,

The last few days there’s a lot been written and said about the situation regarding Deliverance and the Rock Alive festival. Back and forth there have been harsh words, and things been done that shouldn’t been done. Both Rock Alive and Deliverance regret the way this has gone out of hand. Therefore the past days were spend by both sides to talk about this to try to understand and clear things up. This has led to the conclusion that along the way there have been a lot of misunderstandings. Things that were said during conversations were misinterpreted, and Rock Alive admits that where it concerns the airplane tickets they should have been much more decisive. Also does Rock Alive regret the fact that they have put too much focus on cancelations that happened in the past. This was unnecessary. We are glad to report that after these conversations both parties have come closer together again. Unfortunately hasn’t this resulted in Deliverance traveling to the Netherlands again. Continue reading »