May 042019

Of Mice & Men has released the official music video for a new song called ‘Mushroom Cloud’. Check it out below.

Commented singer/bassist Aaron Pauley: “I was pretty young when I became aware of the danger of spending too much time in my own head. My mind has never been a safe place for me to retreat to, and it’s something I have to consciously deal with on a daily basis. ‘Mushroom Cloud’ is our visceral representation of how it feels to be trapped, how it feels to be cut down by your own inner voice, how it feels to have nowhere to hide, and how it feels to be someone with a mind that’s as dangerous to themselves as the aftermath of an atomic weapon.”

Of Mice & Men has been in the studio working on new material with producer Josh Wilbur. Continue reading »

Feb 142019

Of Mice & Men have released a brand new song!

Titled ‘How To Survive’, is the brand new song from the band and is the first taste of new music from the Southern California quartet since last year’s “Defy”.

Speaking about the new song, singer and bassist Aaron Pauley says, “How to Survive is an anthem for those who have been the receiving end of unmerited and targeted hatred and abuse. It’s for the kid who was bullied, beat up, and ignored in school. It’s for the teenager who was told that they’ll never amount to anything and that their thoughts, feelings, and opinions don’t matter to the world. It’s for the person who has been told that they’re worthless, useless, or not good enough, time and time again. Continue reading »

Nov 062018

Of Mice & Men has entered the studio with producer Josh Wilbur (Trivium, Lamb of God, Gojira) to begin recording the follow-up to this year’s “Defy” album.

“We’re super pumped to be in the studio with Josh, as we’re all big fans of his production and mix discography,” said singer and bassist Aaron Pauley.

“When we decided to go heavier with this album, Josh‘s was one of the first names to pop up — and I can tell you, we’re a little over halfway done and it’s sounding huge and heavy, heavenly and absolutely demonic — all rolled into one.” Continue reading »

Apr 282018

Of Mice & Men‘s Ben Anderson-directed video for the song ‘Instincts’ can be seen below. The track is taken from the band’s latest album “Defy”, which was released in January through Rise Records.

“Defy” marks Of Mice & Men‘s first full-length release without vocalist Austin Carlile, who left the group due to his ongoing battle with Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that afflicts the connective tissue holding the body’s cells, organs and tissue together. Handling lead vocals in the band now is bassist Aaron Pauley. Continue reading »

Jan 122018

Of Mice & Men are streaming their cover of Pink Floyd‘s ‘Money’. Their take on the song comes from their approaching new album, “Defy“, which will land in stores on January 19th through Rise Records.

The band update the song a little bit, with the original cash register sound effects now with a more video game “cashing in” vibe, but you still get the clinking of coins featured prominently. And while the original danced around a more rhythmic swinging bass-led pattern, the Of Mice & Men song is more immediate and amped up with guitars to a speed more befitting of their style. The guitars and drumming drive the song with more ferocity, while vocalist Aaron Pauley capably transmits the darker, sinister tone of the song.

‘Money’ fits well into the conceptual leanings of the band’s Defy album, with Pauley previously stating, “To defy means to challenge the power of, resist boldly and openly,” and that’s a feeling firmly embraced in the Pink Floyd original. Continue reading »