Jul 172021

Close to completing its 19 years of existence, to be celebrated in August, the Pernambuco death metal trio Implement has shown itself as one of the great representatives not only of the Northeastern scene of Brazil but also nationally, receiving praise from the public and specialized critics of European countries. , Latin America and also the United States. And, to celebrate this milestone in their career, the group will present fans with the long-awaited re-release of their demo “Decapitated”.

With the success obtained with the release of ‘Bleeding Alone’ in 2019, new fans interested in learning more about the band’s beginnings, as well as older fans who were looking for the material (unavailable for several years), is that the demo “Decapitated”, recorded and originally released between 2004 and 2005, it is being re-released and this time containing a new graphic project, remastered original songs and a special bonus, the track ‘Rei da Babilônia’, the first composition in the history of the trio, in live format , mixed and mastered by Nenel Lucena, responsible for releases by bands such as Angel’s Fire, Bride, N.O.G. among others.

“Decapitated” shows a band full of energy, will and passion for extreme metal, values ​​that accompany Implement to this day. The new version of the demo will be released independently in mid-August.

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