Aug 142020

Extreme metal band Symphony Of Heaven have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new video for ‘Deathmarch’. The track appears on the new E.p. “The Ascension Of Extinction”. The video can be watched below.

Frontman Logan (Pathos) comments: “The video for ‘DeathMarch’ really embodies what we want to communicate within Symphony Of Heaven. Intensity, uncomfortable truth, and final the victory of God.”

“Working with Rottweiler Records has been just what we needed. The label always pushes us to the next highest level of muscianship and artistic expression.”

“”The Ascension Of Extinction” truly has a message to speak to our modern world. The condemnation of humanism and secular philosophy, expressed through this extreme art.”

Symphony Of Heaven continues to grow their reach and spread their message of Suffering to the extreme metal community.”

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