Deathbreaker – “Isolate”

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Jun 302020

I like some good hardcore, get’s the blood flowing, and now being winter down in South Africa and lockdown because of covid 19 added to the mix, to have some energetic music to warm up ones blood is a welcomed retreat from it all. So when I hear the label Facedown mentioned, I sort of relate to it as Christian music’s fraternity of hardcore. So a good place for Deathbreaker to find themselves within.

The energy capsulated in ‘Isolate’ sharpens the edges of the bands hardcore roots driving a more assault driven harder approach than their ‘Disconnect’ release 3 years ago. Right from the start images of hardcore kids in the pit hardcore moshing hit my frontal lobe. Images of crowd chaos abound, guess I am going to have to move the furniture out the way to fully appreciate the aural aggression of Isolate.

As the listener you are brought to the attention of the raw characteristics of the songs, not a single song is marred by the production of the album. Like a good bottle of ketchup when poured, it has substance, and not at all a watered down interpretation of the band, the sound comes across rich and ‘live’ and rich in flavour. Those characteristics set it up nicely in the energy department.

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May 012020

New single and video from Deathbreaker! ‘Choke’ is the second single from the upcoming album “Isolate,” which will be released on May 29 via Facedown Records.

The second single from Isolate comes with a brand new video. Watch the video below, stream the new single, and preorder PHYSICAL MERCH (available for the first time for this album) from Deathbreaker now!

Deathbreaker’s new LP “Isolate” is the hardcore record we need right now. The raging lead single ‘Spite’ is the harbinger of ten tracks of seething metallic hardcore. With their first album “Disconnected” Deathbreaker were touted as setting the foundation for Facedown’s newest force in post-hardcore. Now their sophomore release brings dissonant, straight-forward aggression to the front of the pack, and proves the grit of this powerful four-piece as they continue to build their legacy with Isolate.

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May 052018

Comrades (post-hardcore/rock) and label mates Deathbreaker (post-hardcore) are touring this spring. Dates and locations are listed below.

Comrades stated: “We’re excited to be heading back to some of our old haunts on the east coast, and we’re going to bring the DB boys with us. Come hang, and if you live near these, help share this around and spread the word! See ya soon!”

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Deathbreaker – “Disconnect”

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Nov 172017

This post-hardcore band from Olympia, WA just released their debut album. For a band that just started it’s great to see them at a well-known label like Facedown. Bands like For Today and Gideon where part of this label and have a big name in the Christian metal scene. The album was recorded by Matt Bayles who worked with bands like Norma Jean and Mastodon.

The first song on the album In Error starts off with a sound that reminds me of For Today and Miss May I. The rest of the song is a total different sound, but the begin of this song really has a metalcore feeling. I would describe it as post-hardcore with metalcore influences. This makes it very interesting. I’m a big fan of metalcore and not that big of a fan of post-hardcore. This band makes post-hardcore different but in a good way if you ask me. It is close to metalcore at this point and that makes it easier to listen to. But Earthbound makes it sound totally post-hardcore. It sound to me like Norma Jean and The Chariot. I like those bands but this bands still makes it their own. It is melodic and rough at the same time and I miss that sometimes with The Chariot. Father is a instrumental song and sounds totally different than the rest of the album. Continue reading »

May 052017

Deathbreaker, a powerful four piece hailing from Olympia, Washington. Their debut album “Disconnect” was produced by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Norma Jean) and will be released on May 12.

Check out their new single ‘The Sinking’ and preorder from iTunes or Facedown‘s online store where you can get the digital album for free with any Deathbreaker merch purchase!

All pre-orders include instant downloads of ‘In Error’ and ‘The Sinking’.

Deathbreaker has been added to Night 1 of Facedown Fest at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA and full US touring will be announced soon! Continue reading »