Mar 272018

Riverside, California-based extreme metal outfit Impending Doom has finally announced a release date for their next album, the band’s first since “Death Will Reign” (2013). Althought the new record’s name has yet to be disclosed, it will hit streets on June 22 through Entertainment One Music.

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Nov 022016

impending doom_logoRiverside, California-based death metallers Impending Doom has recently announced that they are currently working on a new album that will be released in the course of next year. The new album will be the follow up to “Death Will Reign” which has been released on November 5th  2013 via eOne Music. We keep you posted.

Earlier this year the band played at the annual Facedown Fest. this was their first live show in three years.
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Dec 192013

david sittingDavid Dye of Rock Hard Live conducted an interview with bassist David Sittig of Southern California juggernauts Impending Doom on December 5 at the Assembly in Sacramento, California. You can now watch the chat below.

Impending Doom‘s new album, “Death Will Reign”, was released on November 5 via eOne Music. The CD was recorded, produced and mixed by Will Putney at The Machine Shop  [Lamb Of God, Suicide Silence] .

Impending Doom have never sounded uglier and more desperate than on ‘Death Will Reign’,” says Alternative Press. Continue reading »

Impending Doom – “Death Will Reign”

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Dec 102013

impendingdoomdeathsmaller_638There seems to be a trend of bands that are trying to just be heavy, like really heavy. For some this works in their favor and others not at. It all depending on what unique quality they are able to bring out of the rip roaring chaotic heaviness of their sound. I think most people when looking for new music, are looking for originality and different. The whole core industry which is very popular, whether hardcore, metalcore or deathcore, and has certainly made its mark in the industry with some convincing bands, but it does seem to be that its getting overweight, and that there needs to be some fat cut from it, to allow those bands that are from those genre’s that are in fact good, and need to get given a chance to break through and be heard. Impending Doom has certainly broking through the fat, and is a shining light in its genre. You don’t get 214,985 likes by playing mediocre and forgettable music. So whether the album sucks in your opinion, or is a hit in your over view, at the end regardless of what I say, its the fans votes that count for real. This is just one man’s opinion. The true casting of the quality verse impact of the product will come down to the cd sales at the end of the day.

Death Will Reign is the fifth installment of Californian death metallers Impending Doom from eONE Music which was released in early November. Its not always easy to review a band that is merely just heavy….. its full of intense growling and sometimes frantic screams delivered with mechanical eruptions of guitar explosions. I have always said the best place to review whether a band sucks or not is at a live venue, and a great band can sell in the most horrid of venues. The music though not the best I have heard from this kind of extreme genre, better identified as deathcore, has enough chaos and explosive bursts to keep it at-least half interesting and the listener in a state of shock, as the guitar violence storms and attacks the inner ear workings. Continue reading »

Oct 312013

Impending Doom 2013The new Impending Doom album “Death Will Reign” will be released on November 5 via eOne Music. Recorded, produced and mixed by Will Putney at The Machine Shop [Lamb Of God, Suicide Silence], this is the band’s most ferocious material to date.

A new Impending Doom music video is just released, check out ‘Doomsday’ below.

Impending Doom have never sounded uglier and more desperate than on ‘Death Will Reign’,” says Alternative Press.

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