Sep 052018

Symphonic Death Metal Death Requisite have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for ‘Tormentor’. The track is taken from their new album “Threnody”, which is released on June 29th via Rottweiler Records. The video can be seen below.

Death Requisite (deth – rek’wi zit) adj. noun. 1.) eternal destruction/damnation required due to a particular circumstance (A blood debt must be paid); 2.) a fearsome extreme hybrid metal band from Sarasota, Florida. Continue reading »

Death Requisite – “Threnody”

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Aug 182018

Death Requisite pick up where Revisitation left off and take their symphonic metal to a whole new level on Threnody, even including orchestral versions of the songs.

Florida’s Death Requisite trace their roots all the way back to when the band members were teens in the late 1990s.  The band has a relatively storied past, opening for national acts, signing to a label and releasing a couple of albums before life intervened and the band went on hiatus in 2005.  In 2010, the band returned, release two projects, Prophets of Doom and Second Death as well as shared the stage with a number of bands from Norma Jean to Terrorizer to Vital Remains.  In 2016 the band released Revisitation  to critical acclaim where many noticed the combination of death, thrash, symphonic and progressive elements blended seamlessly into their songs.

Having reviewed Revisitation, I had a fairly good idea of what to expect when I hit play on Threnody, and then a little ways into “Primogeniture” that quickly went out the window.  What struck me first was the overriding emphasis on the symphonic side of symphonic metal.  Keyboards seemed to take a larger role than guitars in many places on the album.  Yes, the comparisons to Antestor and Grave Declaration will remain, but the metal seems to be a lesser component in the overall sound this time.  Some of it can be attributed to the mix which is a bit overwhelming to the ears, making it difficult to pick out the contributions of the individual instruments.  When you see the layout of the album with the metal  versions followed by the orchestral versions, this makes a bit more sense.  Interstingly the orchestral versions of the songs do seem to be missing something as the overall sound seems a bit thin and would benefit immensely  from the inclusion of the bass and drums from the metal side.  Otherwise the two versions are nearly interchangeable. Continue reading »

Death Requisite – “Revisitation”

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Nov 192016

revisitation_dd6Death Requisite returns with a symphonic metal masterpiece incorporating elements from many metal genres into complex arrangements that are experienced as much as they are heard.

“The first requisite for immortality is death”, said Stanislaw Lec, who provided the inspiration for the Florida band’s name.  Going back to 1999, Death Requisite brought together five teens with a love for metal and heavy music.  Before long, the band was opening for national acts and signed to a recording contract for their first several albums, Living Sanctuary and From Death to Life, only to have life issues intervene around 2005, forcing the band into hiatus.  In 2010, the band was able to return from their hiatus, release two projects, Prophets of Doom and Second Death as well as share the stage with the likes of bands from Norma Jean to Terrorizer to Vital Remains.

Sometimes a single song is enough to sell an entire album and with Death Requisite being a new band for me, I had no idea what I going to hear, but the opening track “Revisitation” had me hooked less than a minute into the song.  The opening keyboard set the tone that this was likely going to be a symphonic metal album, but the guitar riff that immediately joined in was a bit unexpected and within the first 10 seconds, the rest of band and vocals had come in amid a literal explosion of sound.  Continue reading »