Vials of Wrath – “Days Without Names”

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Aug 132015

DWN_Vials of WrathBeautiful, haunting, dark, melodic, emotional and heavy atmospheric black metal returns in the latest release from Vials of Wrath with Days Without Names serving as a worthy successor to the debut Seeking RefugeDays Without Names will be of the most musically different and diverse albums you’ll likely hear this year and one that keeps your attention as it transports you through the wilderness and different seasons of life.

Vials of Wrath first release, Seeking Refuge, began to emerge as a project in the fall of 2009, when DC Mills, wanted to write Bible-based music in the vein of atmospheric black metal similar to Agalloch, Alcest, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Drudkh and was inspired by solo acts including Ihsahn, Burzum, Xasthur and others.  Drawing inspiration from nature and writing lyrics from a Christian perspective,  Mills’ goal is to  honor the Creator and not creation.

I was first exposed to Vials of Wrath when I received Seeking Refuge to review, and my conclusion to that review was, “In the end, there is so much good here that this is one of those albums that will get a lot of play.”  The combination of styles and sounds and how they were interwoven seamlessly in that album really drew me in as a listener.  Days Without Names is a further progression in everything that was good in Seeking Refuge.  The album starts out with the haunting instrumental “That Which I’ve Beheld” with its multiple clean melodic guitars and soft keyboards providing atmosphere that becomes a stronger and more forceful toward the middle of the song before easing back into brighter territory toward the end.  This same strategy is employed later in the album’s other instrumental track “Silhouettes Against the Sun”. Continue reading »

Aug 042015

DC Mills“Days Without Names” is the title of the upcoming Vials of Wrath album, which will be released on Sept. 8th.

Physical CD’s will be available for purchase on the release date. Pre-orders for the CD, along with t-shirt bundles and other merch, will soon be available at

‘A Cleansing Prayer’
(released in June) is the first official song from the upcoming album with drums courtesy of R. Michael Cook from A Hill to Die Upon. The track can be streamed in the soundcloud player below.

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Jun 082015

Screenshot-1‘A Cleansing Prayer’ is the first official song from the upcoming Vials of Wrath album “Days Without Names,” with drums courtesy of R. Michael Cook from A Hill to Die Upon. The track can be streamed in the soundcloud player below.

Cover art for “Days Without Names” is made by Stigma : Sam Nelson’s Art, check it out below.

Vials of Wrath, the Christian-based black/ambient metal solo project of Dempsey “DC” Mills. His latest album “Seeking Refuge,” has been released on April 23rd, 2013. DC is a former rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for Christian deathcore band Bloodline Severed.
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