Mar 042018

Someone once said, “All good things must come to an end” and metalcore heroes Darkness Divided are calling it a day, but going out in style with an upcoming tour an an ep of new songs that will be The End of It All…for the band.

In roughly eight years, the San Antonio band Darkness Divided have established themselves as one of the top metalcore bands and to my ears have been able to differentiate themselves in the genre primarily through the strength of the guitar work and vocals and by not relying solely on the established  songwriting elements of the genre.  In the beginning the band was a four piece of the three Mora brothers, Gerard (vocals), Chris (guitars), and Joseph (bass) along with Israel Hernandez on drums.  Over the years, lineups changed but all three brothers remained involved.  For the ep, Gerard and Joseph are in their established roles but guitars and backing/secondary vocals are now handled by Sebastian Elizondo and drums were recorded by a friend of the band, Juan Hinojosa covering for Hayden Allen.  As a band, recording the ep was a bit of a different process as the band members all have full time jobs, so everything was done in parts with production handled by Mora brother Chris at War Horse Recordings. Continue reading »

Sep 062017

Victory Records and four of their bands from Texas are coming together to release a special limited edition shirt with all proceeds being donated to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Check out where you can get the shirt below.

Reverend Horton Heat, Shattered Sun, Darkness Divided and Seeker all call Texas home and are coming together to release an amazing limited edition shirt that features all four bands on the back, along with the phrase “Texas Strong” on the front.

This special shirt will only be available for the next week, along with all proceeds being donated to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. You can check out what the shirt looks like below!

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Darkness Divided – s/t

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Apr 102016

Darkness Divided_2016_AlbumDarkness Divided roar back with their second release on Victory Records, bringing a unique vision of metalcore to a depiction of life from the innocence of youth to disillusionment to reaffirmation.

Darkness Divided formed in 2010 as a four piece of the three Mora brothers, Gerard (vocals), Christopher (guitar), and Joseph (bass) with Israel Hernandez on drums. In 2013, the band released the Chronicles ep, which really highlighted their potential as a band and showed a good bit of maturity in songwriting, bringing some uniqueness to the metalcore genre. In 2014, for Written in Blood, the band expanded their overall sound by adding Sebastian Elizondo on guitar and vocals. The band, which hails from San Antonio, recorded the album at Alchemist Recording Studio in their hometown with Cory Brunnemann. Now with their self-titled album, the band has again endured some lineup changes, with Hayden Allen picking up drums and the departure of Christoper Mora on guitar. For this album the band enlisted Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Sworn In, Body Count) for mastering and was happy that he was able to bring out the full sound they were looking for. The casual listener may not realize this but as Gerard Mora has said in the album press release,

“This new album itself is split up into three parts – innocence, contradiction, and reaffirmation. As I wrote the lyrics to this record, I had the image of a house built of the ideas that others have built for you. As you grow from innocence and leave your innocence, your walls of the home begin to collapse. Continue reading »

Mar 252016

Darkness_Divived_a96Texas based metal band Darkness Divided have checked in with the following announcement:

“Today we bring you our video for our new single “Deceiver”. This song was a very different concept for us to write about, and so we feel the need to explain it before you listen. As you may have heard, our album is split into three themes (innocence, contradiction, and reaffirmation). “Deceiver” is in the center of contradiction. This song was written for the people we meet on the road who have been burnt by those who claim to follow God. It was written about people who show only judgement and condemnation to their fellow brothers, causing them to never want to seek a relationship with someone who changed all of our lives, Jesus Christ. It was written by us, imperfect people, not to point the finger, but to bring up a conversation that we’ve had several times with several of you. With so much hate in the world, it’s our job to offset it with love and acceptance of others. It brings me chills to write this on the anniversary of Good Friday, when Jesus was nailed to a tree by people who thought they were doing the right thing but really were condemning someone who only showed love. If you’ve been cast aside by someone, this song is for you. If you’ve been judged by someone, this song is for you. This song is for all of us, and hopefully it’ll encourage us all to be more accepting and loving of each other, no matter where you come from. We love you and we hope you enjoy “Deceiver”.” Continue reading »

Mar 052016

Darkness_Divived_a96A true product of the Texas metal scene, Darkness Divided return after two years of touring with their self-titled sophomore album, set for release on April 22nd, 2016 through Victory Records. A first single ‘Misery’ and music video was released late last month, followed by a behind the scenes video … Both videos can be seen below.

“It’s ironic that this came to be the first single on the record. It almost didn’t make the cut because of how chaotic the song sounded,” states guitarist Sebastian Elizondo. Bassist Joe Mora continues, “’Misery’ was the first song written for our new record. We almost scrapped it when we wrote the rest of the album, but it turned out to be one of our favorite songs on the record because of how memorable the chorus is and how challenging it is to play.” Continue reading »