Aug 182018

The Bearded Dragon Productions brings you an new-school-old-school-throwback comp with some big names of Christian metal/hardcore genres. The digital Album
is available for Streaming + Download.

“When was the last time you heard a compilation with some of these names?” states The Bearded Dragon Productions founder Mason Beard. Back in the day, there were several heavy bands that influenced a lot of different crowds. The compilation features the genres of hardcore, early-metalcore (aka the good stuff), thrash metal, death metal, grindcore, groove metal, technical metal, black metal and even some rapcore.

“We’ve got all of it. The only genre I think isn’t on this compilation is like power-violence or viking metal or something like that. If you like heavy compilations and a variety of styles to choose from, this one is for you.” Continue reading »

Feb 082018

Mick Jelinic (Terraphobia, ex Mortification) checked in with the following sad news:

Yesterday I received some very sad news that former Terraphobia and Mortification drummer Damien Percy had lost his battle from a long illness.

Damien was the drummer on the Mortification “Erasing the Goblin” album and the “Live Humanitarian” DVD he was also the drummer on the 2007 “Live Humanitarian” European tour. Damien was not only an exceptional drummer but an even better person, he was one of my best friends and will be sadly missed but not forgotten. Continue reading »