Oct 192019

White Collar Sideshow return with their next iteration of shock rock, pulling out all the stops and adding new elements to their sound, resulting in a heavy, catchy, and thoroughly entertaining listen.

Hailing from Arkansas, the husband-wife duo known as White Collar Sideshow started in 2006 and toured for over 3 years with their original show, make than their original experience or event.  During the first years and up through most of The Witchunt tours, they were joined live by Herr Schwein, and Leach both of which would contribute drums/percussion and add to the overall creepiness of the experience as they were in costume. Seeing them live is an experience you don’t soon forget. Combining frenetic drumming and percussion with a strong bass line played in front of video screens, they have enthralled audiences throughout the US in settings ranging from large festivals to small churches and auditoriums.  The Witchunt (2012) saw them expand their sound with more electronic elements and add a horror like video backdrop to the visuals as well as establish a working relationship with Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, John5, Avril Lavigne).  That relationship continued as the band worked with Baseford again and now is signed to Curtain Call Records (Sony).

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