Aug 022018

Raven Faith Records and Thumper Punk Records have jointly teamed up for the release of “Turn It Up!” from Fountain Valley, California, based punk band CPR. While musically influenced by Oxymoron, The Damned, and Black Flag, CPR has a unique street punk sound that sets itself apart. Said lead singer Jet Wilson: “Don’t write music to please the crowd. Don’t write music that’s already been done before.”

CDs will be available directly from CPR and Raven Faith Records. Digital downloads available now from: Continue reading »

CPR – “In the Business”

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Oct 082016

CPR_-_In_The_Business_AlbumCover__1__38cWhile most bands would start out with a studio album, CPR first came at us with their brand of raucous punk rock in the form of a live album, so now with their second release, they’ve headed into the studio and recorded seven new songs.

In terms of releases, CPR is relatively new with the Live at Fuzion coming out in 2015 and now In the Business.  The southern California band is relatively quiet on the information front, but this is a father/son project, which has to be uncommon in music and especially in punk rock.  The previous live album showed the potential of the band and In the Business is a great follow up, showing the band’s sound maturing and getting stronger.

As was apparent on the live album, the band is very upfront with their faith and the songs reflect Christian beliefs set to a backdrop of raw southern California punk rock.  Production on the album is a very good mix of clean but rough and the job done on the mixing lets all instruments and vocals come through clearly.

Fast, guitar riffs and rapid-fire drumming characterize the overall sound of CPR and “Die” kicks off the album showcasing the band’s penchant for putting together a catchy punk rock song.  The cadence in the vocal delivery of the verses really makes this song stand out.  “Skull Blaster” continues in a similar vein but the verse sections have a bit more of a slower groove feel to them and the song features one of several guitar solos on the album and a cool breakdown section to add some variety. Continue reading »

Jun 022016

CPR_-_Band_photo_cb5Today is the release of “In The Business” from punk juggernaut CPR from Fountain Valley, California. “In The Business” is a driving seven song album, with classic punk influences from bands such as Black Flag, Dead Boys, and the NY Dolls. CPR is very vocal and supportive of local underground punk rock bands. Before CPR, the band’s singer Jet Wilson had always been active in the music scene; playing music in the 80’s and even witnessing the grunge movement. Through all his rough times, he always counted on music as being an ultimate salvation. Not only does CPR serve as an abbreviation for Christian Punk Rock but also as a strong metaphor: the reinvigoration of life through the power of music. When asked what advice he’d give to aspiring musicians, his response was both inspirational and rebellious: “Don’t write music to please the crowd. Don’t write music that’s already been done before.” “In The Business” demonstrates that CPR is more action than just music. Continue reading »

CPR – “Live at Fuzion”

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Sep 012015

cprcd_24dA debut album by a  punk band being a live recording?  I think most bands in general, let alone punk bands would shudder at the thought.  Actually, this is a rather punk rock sort of thing to do right?  Anyways, Raven Faith Records, latest band, CPR has released their debut album Live at Fuzion and for those looking for straight ahead punk rock attitude and sound of some of the older bands, this is one to check out.

Hailing from Fountain Valley, in Southern California near Huntington Beach south of LA, CPR is, from the limited information I can find, a father and sons band which is I believe the first time I’ve run into this situation and I will say it is pretty cool to see punk rock being passed from generation to generation.  The band accurately describes their sound as “classic punk rock” with style influences from bands like Sham69, Dead Boys, Cock Sparrer, the Damned, and Stiff Little Fingers.

Live recordings by any band can be a bit of an ordeal and challenge and punk bands rarely step up to that, let alone for a debut, so needless to say, even on the surface this is a bit noteworthy.  The first thing that becomes clear is that the crowd is not captured or mixed into the recording the way you typically hear in a live recording, this is essentially just the band.  Vocals, drums and guitars are clear and the guitar tone is a bit on the rough side as it should be for a punk band.  Unfortunately, outside of the intro to the opening track “Contagious”, the bass is largely lost in the mix, which makes the music seem a bit thin, but again this is a live recording. Continue reading »

‘CPR’ Signs With ‘Raven Faith Records’

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Dec 272014

CPR logoRaven Faith Records is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with Southern California punk rock band CPR.

CPR may be a new punk band on the music scene, but their sound stems from the classic punk rock of the early 1980’s. While influenced by British bands such as Sham 69, the Sex Pistols & Cock Sparrer , they also blend the sound of American  bands such as  Black Flag, The Ramones, and the Dead Boys. Continue reading »