May 212014

CooperMichael Christopher of Vanyaland recently conducted an interview with legendary rocker Alice Cooper. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Vanyaland: Let’s talk about the film. There have been so many run-of-the-mill documentaries over the years on musicians. What convinced you that “Super Duper Alice Cooper” would be different?

Alice Cooper: [Banger Films] came to us and we saw that they did with “Flight 666” for Iron Maiden and they said, “We don’t want to do a talking-heads documentary where Elton John talks and then this guy talks; we want to make it linear, we want to make it the story of Alice but graphically, the whole way through. If you’re going to do a documentary on Alice Cooper, it’s got to be as theatrical as the character.” I totally agreed with that and I loved the idea of them cooking up the Jekyll-and-Hyde connection with Alice Cooper and myself, and the fact that I talk about Alice Cooper in the third person — he’s a character I play. And it was absolutely the right story; Continue reading »

Mar 132014

Grave Robber - CellarAfter a short break of about two months, horror punk band Grave Robber came in October of last year with the news that the band has returned. This year they will release every month a cover tune under the name of “The Cellar Sessions”. Below you can listen to the first two songs ‘Spirit in the Sky’ [Norman Greenbaum] and ‘The Rose’ [Amanda McBroom].

The songs are also available for free download at the bands Noisetrade page.

Grave Robber comments: ‘Things you should know about these songs: 1) These are rough mixes we are doing our selves. 2) We have ZERO budget 3) We love our fans and that’s why we are giving these away for free! 4) The concept is to record songs you’d NEVER imagine Grave Robber covering! 5) We want you to enjoy these and don’t take it all too seriously!’ Continue reading »

Dec 172013

Mick covers MortMichael [Mick] Jelinic [Terraphobia & former Mortication member] is busy recording a Mortification covers album. Mick has the following to say:

‘I have almost finished the vocals and I will need to do the mixing. The album was recorded at my home studio [454 studio] drums first, next bass, rhythm guitars, lead guitar then vocals. I had both drummers from the original recording add their drums to the project. Mike Forsberg for the songs from “Brain Cleaner” and Damien Percy the songs from “Erasing the Goblin”, which gives the songs the same feel to the original recordings. I did all the guitars and vocals. No official release date and label as yet most likely February.’

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Sep 302013

CooperOn September 26, Chad Tyson of the 98.7 The Gater radio station in West Palm Beach, Florida conducted an interview with legendary rocker Alice Cooper..

Cooper has just completed work on a covers album featuring songs that were originally written and recorded by The DoorsJimi HendrixJohn Lennon and The Who, members of the so-called “Hollywood vampires” of the early and mid-’70s. A spring 2014 release is expected.

“We’re still adding on certain people; we have a list of people that we want to get and a lot of times it’s scheduled,” Alice said. “In a situation like this, you have certain friends you want to put on the record and their availability is really what it is… y’know, finding where they are, what they want to play and when they want to play.” Continue reading »

Jul 172013

CooperLegendary rocker Alice Cooper says that he’s “three-quarters of the way through” his upcoming cover album. Speaking with Billboard, the shock rocker noted that the album will focus on “the time period of the Hollywood vampires”:

“We specified a certain time period and said, ‘Let’s stay within that. Let’s not move it around too much.’ We don’t want to be doing cover songs from the 80s and 90s when the Hollywood vampires kind of thing was more ’73, ’74, ’75.”

He also teased a partial set list, noting four tracks the band has been playing on their current tour: “Break on Through” (the Doors), “Revolution” (theBeatles), “Foxy Lady” (the Jimi Hendrix Experience) and “My Generation” (the Who).

Cooper expects to hit the studio in September and release the album by spring 2014.

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