Aug 182016

Kristen_May_video_farewellKristen May has announced her departure from Flyleaf after nearly four years with the band.

May replaced original vocalist Lacey Sturm when the latter abruptly departed Flyleaf in October 2012. She recorded one album with the group, 2014’s “Between The Stars”, and toured with Flyleaf in support of the effort, including headlining 2015’s Revolver trek.

May confirmed her exit from Flyleaf via a video message on her Facebook page. She explained: “The reasons behind my leaving… One of them right now, obviously, is that I wanna be the best mom I can be, and I wanna be here for my son for everything.

“I’ve toured in bands and been on the road and away from home for twelve years. And so, for me, to be able to plant some roots for a little bit with my son and with my husband and our dogs here at my home is really, really important to me. I feel like it’s something that God has called me to do. I feel like it’s a very high calling for me, and a very clear calling for me. Continue reading »

Jan 062016

kristen-mayFlyleaf lead singer Kristen May recently released a new solo album, “Conversations”, which she funded through a PledgeMusic campaign.

May wrote on her PledgeMusic page: “Making this album has been a dream of mine for awhile and I’m so happy to finally make it a reality.

“I have had the opportunity to tour and make albums with my bands Vedera and Flyleaf for over a decade and now I [got] the unique chance to spend some time off the road, at home in Kansas City. Kansas City is a place where I have gathered inspiration through the years and I [was] so happy to make an album here once again. This time [I recorded] at the wonderful Chapman Recording Studios.” Continue reading »