Darkness Divided – Chronicles (ep)

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May 222013

Darkness Divided_ChroniclesDarkness Divided advertises themselves as a metal band from San Antonio, TX and while purists may cry foul and label them as metalcore, they do bring more to their sound than the typical metalcore that so many of us have grown tired.  At this point, Darkness Divided has released two singles, “Redeemer” and “Yoyager” after this ep and in those one can hear their sound maturing and perhaps shifting more toward the metal side of metalcore, which is a good thing.

Darkness Divided formed in 2010 as a four-piece band containing three brothers and ever since then have played shows with a number of well-known bands, even ending up on the bill for one of the Scream the Prayer Tours (STP III).  Often one can learn a lot about a band by who they are playing shows with and the most recent Darkness Divided date was earlier in May (2013) when they played a show on The Hard and Relentless Tour with Saving Grace, Those Who Fear, and Ark of the Covenant, some of the better known Facedown Records bands.   Continue reading »