White Collar Sideshow – The WitcHunt

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Oct 012012

White Collar Sideshow toured for over 3 years with their original show, make than their original experience or event. Seeing them live is an experience you don’t soon forget. Combining frenetic drumming and percussion with a strong bass line played in front of video screens, they have enthralled audiences throughout the US in settings ranging from large festivals to small churches and auditoriums.

This time WCS has become even more adventurous, combining the music with a short film. The movie is a creepy, dark film based on the seven deadly sins (anger, sloth, greed, gluttony, lust, envy, and pride) and how each of us has our own private struggles with these. TD Benton wrote the WitcHunt in response to the accidental death of his younger brother in 2010 and the impact of this can be heard in the emotions of the lyrics and vocals, ranging from dark to questioning and angry. WCS worked with producer Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie) on this release and there is a definite underlying feel of a Rob Zombie release here. Continue reading »