Jun 142018

The untold story of the essential, genre-defying ‘90s industrial project Circle of Dust. Explore the early career of visionary artist, composer, musician and producer Klayton, who would later gain recognition for his category transcending project Celldweller.

Assembled from over 30 interviews and dozens of hours of VHS footage from Klayton’s personal archive, get access to never-before-released videos & stories on the history of Circle of Dust. Journey back to Circle of Dust’s inception, the signing of Klayton’s first record deal, assembly of a live band, subsequent legal battles and eventual dissolution of Circle of Dust in 1998, to the formation and independent success of Celldweller. The story ultimately comes full circle, with the resurrection of Circle of Dust in 2015. Continue reading »

May 122018

The genre-defying industrial project, Circle of Dust, is back with “alt_Machines” a full-length remix album follow-up to the project’s 2016 album “Machines of Our Disgrace.” “alt_Machines” features official remixes from a wide-ranging collection of artists/producers, including Blue Stalhi, Voicians, Sebastian Komor, The Anix, The Plague, Raizer, 3FORCE, DJ Hidden, and Zeromancer.

The album releases June 1st and is available for pre-order now from the independent record label FiXT, with immediate access to the new single, ‘Hive Mind’ (The Anix Remix). The album also features an intense remix of ‘Dust to Dust’ by Zardonic, along with an original, multi-song mash-up, ‘Drum Machines of Our Disgrace’ by Circle of Dust, and several bonus remixes from Blue Stahli, of 4 original ’90s Circle of Dust songs.

Listen to ‘Hive Mind’ (The Anix Remix) below: Continue reading »

Jan 312018

Circle of Dust returned after nearly 20 years, the 90s industrial / electronic-rock project created by visionary artist/producer Klayton will release a remix of ‘Contagion’ mixed by Sebastian Komor. The digital single will be available on Feb. 2nd.

Bridging the gap between thrash metal and heavy electronic bass, this wicked remix of ‘Contagion’ by Sebastian Komor gives the track new life. Experience glitchy vocals and revamped guitars, while still head banging to the industrial overtones.

The single contains two tracks: 1. Contagion (Sebastian Komor Remix), 2. Contagion (Sebastian Komor Remix) [Instrumental]

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Jan 292018

Detroit based artist/producer Klayton (Cellweller/Circle Of Dust/Scandroid) discusses the hard hitting topic of suicide. Remember you’re not alone. Xheck out the video below.

If you or someone you know is struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines Continue reading »

Nov 212017

When the album “Machines of Our Disgrace” released in 2016, the first new album from Circle of Dust in nearly 20 years, many believed this to be a one-time return for Klayton (picture) to release under the moniker. Now in late 2017, “Dust to Dust,” marks the first new single from Circle of Dust‘s forthcoming 6th full-length, yet to be titled, studio-album.

‘Dust to Dust’ continues where “Machines of Our Disgrace” left off, as a modern industrial assault of thrash metal riffs, cryptic audio samples, aggressive vocals, blasting beats and memorable hooks.

‘Dust to Dust’ will be released December 1st.  Continue reading »