Aug 032014

WE ALLThumper Punk Records’ self-described “alternative punk” band Christ’s Sake return with their second release We All Fall Down and with it bring some changes to their sound.   The Santa Cruz, California band references the Orange County punk sound and has all the right punk influences listed that go along with that sound, including the Germs, pre-Rollins Black Flag, Descendents, Social Distortion, Adolescents, and TSOL.  The roots of Christ’s Sake also fall in line with singer and founder Lance Hendren and drummer Vince Morales formerly being members of the Huntington Beach band OCA.

Christ’s Sake first album (Christ’s Sake) was a bit of surprise for me in terms of sound as the band has a rather unique harmonized vocal arrangements and the music leaned more toward indie rock and alternative than punk.  We All Fall Down starts out in a decidedly different vein, with “Love Love” as it’s certainly a punk rock song complete with somewhat snotty tone in the vocals and an aggressive, rough guitar tone that clashes a bit with the harmonized vocals.  Subject matter is a shot aimed toward Christians who really don’t display the love of Christ, so the lyrics fit as well.  While the vocals may not be for everyone, they do work and make the sound a bit unique.  What I like in this song and in other songs on the album especially in the verses are hints of Jello Biafra sounds here and there as that adds significantly to the punk feel. Continue reading »

Jul 232014

Christ's Sake band 2013July 23, 2013 –  Santa Cruz, California.Christ’s Sake announces the release of their second full length album “We All Fall Down” on Thumper Punk Records. Artwork and tracklist can be seen below.

“We All Fall Down” is the follow-up to their self-titled debut album “Christ’s Sake” which was re-released in October of last year.

Christ’s Sake continues their classic Orange County punk sound with melodic hooks and driving rhythms, which are contrasted uniquely harmonic vocal arrangements.  Jesus lovin’ alternative punk from musicians who have experienced drugs, alcohol, abuse, emptiness and loneliness, yet who have managed to turn their lives around through the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  Continue reading »

Christ’s Sake – “Christ’s Sake”

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Oct 012013

Christ's Sake Album CoverSometimes a band actually places themselves in to the correct genre although many seem to not be very self-aware and misuse descriptive terms like “hardcore”, but that’s a whole other issue.  Being on Thumper Punk records, I was expecting Christ’s Sake to have either that SoCal punk sound like many of their other bands or maybe an East Coast punk sound also heard in some of their bands.  What I heard listening to this was not really either of those.  On their Facebook page, the band labels their sound as alternative punk and I think that is likely the best description as it is largely quite different than what would expect.

Christ’s Sake was founded by Lance Hendren, who is also the founding member of the Huntington Beach melodic punk band OCA.  Lance recruited the OCA drummer Vince Morales for his new project, brought in his son Dillon and then rounded up the other members to complete the band. Continue reading »

Jun 252013
Christ's Sake band 2013

Christ’s Sake officially joins the Thumper Punk Records family of bands, and re-releases its debut album “Christ’s Sake” in advance of their upcoming second album later this year.

Christ’s Sake delivers their classic Orange County old school punk sound with melodic hooks and driving rhythms, which are contrasted uniquely harmonic vocal arrangements. Band members include founding member Lance Hendren (guitar, vocals), Vince Morales (drums), Matt Kilian (lead guitar), Dillon Hendren (backup vocals), Sandra Calvillo (backup vocals), and former member Zach Rogers on (bass guitar). Continue reading »