Jun 162017

Pop Punk Band Carousel Kings have teamed up with Alternative Press for the premiere of their new music video ‘Fractals’, the track is taken from their latest album “Charm City”. The video can be seen below.

With their Victory Records debut album“Charm City” — released back in February, Carousel Kings had quite an eventful year. They just got back from their second tour of Japan, are getting ready to play the first three weeks of this year’s Warped Tour and have just dropped a performance-driven music video for ‘Fractals.’

The parallel music video consists of the band playing in two different scenes — buttoned formal wear and unbuttoned street clothes that seem to portray the band in a more raw setting. The performance of these Pennsylvania punks, consisting of David Alexander on vocals, Will Barovick on guitar/vocals, Cody Jay Williams on bass/vocals, Danny Wilkins on drums and Clint Tustin playing guitar on tour, is complimented with colorful graphics that are reminiscent of “visualizer” options on music players. Continue reading »

Carousel Kings – “Charm City”

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Feb 112017

The Chicago based music label Victory Records has over the years signed quite a few solid bands, bands like Taking Back Sunday, A Day To Remember and Bayside come immediate to mind. Victory Records has had multiple records that have exceeded the 250,000 sales mark, including some gold records as well. Originally the key focus from the label was instituted on hardcore punk and post-hardcore bands, but later the record label branched out and expanded its roster to include emo and pop punk acts. This is where American easycore band Carousel Kings from Lancaster, Pennsylvania enters the picture with their 2017 album release, “Charm City”.

They originally started their career on CI Records before signing to Victory Records. “Carousel Kings began in 2009 with the release of their EP Here Comes Trouble. The band released their first full-length album titled Speak Frantic in 2010. In March 2012 the band released their second album titled A Slice Of Heaven. In November 2012 the band released an EP titled Road Warrior. Two years later the band released their third album titled Unity via CI Records” – Wikipedia

So what can I say about “Charm City”, the band’s latest release on Victory Records? Well we see straight off the bat that they have been around for some time. Now that they are in a relationship with Victory Records could this be the moment for them, where they shine? Remembering it’s not just the label that makes the band, it’s also the talent of the individuals within the band, and together with the label, and the strength of that relationship will in some ways dictate the success of that band. It’s a two street like any relationship. Continue reading »

Feb 092017

When Rock Sound asked, “Is this the album that could change everything?” the resounding answer is yes! Carousel Kings are set to change the game with their new release Charm City, streaming in its entirety today at Rock Sound.

Listen to “Charm City” at Rock Sound.

“We are so excited to finally have our Victory Records debut out there for the world to hear,” exclaims front-man David Alexander. “We would like to dedicate the album to our fans, whose constant words of encouragement are what keep us going. We love each and every one of you, and hope these songs find you well. Connections made via the love of music is something that is priceless.” Continue reading »

Feb 032017

With worldwide anticipation at a near boiling point, Carousel Kings are providing another glimpse of their upcoming album “Charm City” through their new single ‘Dynamite.’ “Charm City”, their Victory Records debut, will be available February 10th, and “The Charm Cities Tour” kicks off March 2nd. Dates and locations are listed below.

Head to ChorusFM and listen to ‘Dynamite.’

’Dynamite’ is one of the heavy hitters from the album and definitely one of our favorites to jam live,” eludes front-man David Alexander. “Where most of the album has a positive outlook, this song was written as an expression of the bands distaste and unhappiness about the current state of affairs. The song is a call for all who hear it to look inward for the answers pertaining to how we can possibly change the world we live in.” Continue reading »

Jan 132017

Pennsylvania pop-punk ambassadors Carousel Kings have partnered with Substream Magazine to premiere ‘Grey Goose’ the high-flying second video from their upcoming album “Charm City.” The album, “packed with spirit and spry enthusiasm,” as heralded by Substream, will be available everywhere February 10th, 2017 through Victory Records.

“Now this was a lot of fun to shoot!” asserts vocalist David Alexander. “Indoor skydiving is unlike anything else we had ever experienced. That experience mirrors more of what to expect from us musically – the fun pop punk vibe to the music, but with the deeper meaning lyrically as heard on the rest of “Charm City.” It’s a whirlwind of emotions, just how music is supposed to evoke.” Continue reading »