Jul 132019

As previously reported Canadian Symphonic / Celtic Metal artist Leah is currently working on a Wintery-Xmas album. Earlier today she reported the following.

The new Celtic Winter album is very close to being complete. A few finishing touches on final vocals, the guest musicians are 99% finished, and one song has already gone to mixing!

The artwork is in the works as we speak and I’m finalizing the track listing and the album title (I’m 95% sure what it is now).

Things are getting exciting!

As you know I’m 100% an independent artist which means I alone am responsible for the entire project, all the moving pieces, and the huge expenses to create this art. It’s part of what it takes to make music like this. Continue reading »

May 102019

“The Quest” the new album of Canadian Symphonic / Celtic Metal artist Leah is available now, released on Oct. 5th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound RecordingsLEAH checked in with the following:

I thought you might want to hear a snippet of a demo I’m working on for another new album!! You might remember that I’m working on a Wintery-Xmas type of album already… I’ve always wanted to do a theme like that, and why not this year? If all goes well it will be due in November 2019!

I rarely ever post raw demos, but I thought you might like a taste of this one. I posted it on Instagram. Even if you don’t have an account you can still hear it. Just promise me you’ll plug in some earbuds or headphones when you listen, ok?? 🎧

Listen to the snippet below.

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