Jan 082021

With ‘Dance’, Cellar Darling have created a song that takes up the “Death and the Maiden” theme of their 2019 concept album “The Spell,” but at the same time adapts it into the here and now: a “dance of death”, an end-time vision.

In this epic 11-minute track, the Swiss heavy progressive rock trio takes the listener on a dark musical journey worthy of the band’s name, combining mystical folk elements with heavy riffs and intricate structures. Once again, the highly unusual instrumentation typical for Cellar Darling, including a hurdy-gurdy, flute, and piano, colors their signature sound. Inspired by the dancing plague of 1518, their lyrics for the first time do not tell of an exclusively fictional world but represent an examination of both our history and current events. Thus, Cellar Darling continue to move in a new direction, resuming the radical path they have chosen since departing from Eluveitie in 2016.

‘Dance’ is available digitally now, and will soon be available physically in a strictly limited vinyl-only picture disc released directly from the band. Listen to ‘Dance’ herehere, and below.

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Jun 182020

Cellar Darling — who feature in their ranks former Eluveitie members Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy), Merlin Sutter (drums) and Ivo Henzi (guitars, bass) — checked in with the following:

A streaming-only, full-show, pay-what-you-want, worldwide metal festival:

This Sunday, the 21st of June, we will play a full live show at tohuwabohu.rocks! Join us for what may very well be our first AND last show this year on a proper stage. We will play a full set with full production and a professional broadcast straight to your homes, along with the three other amazing bands who are joining us for Tohuwabohu Festival.

Meanwhile, we (Cellar Darling), the other bands Samael, Illumishade and Kassogtha, and the crew behind the festival need your help. It is only thanks to your support that we can make it through a summer, and possibly a whole year, without shows. And to all who contributed already: we can’t thank you enough — we’ll work hard to give something back 🙏

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Mar 272020

Like many artists, Cellar Darling have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdown measures and show cancellations. Rather than giving in or just asking for money without offering something in return, they’ve announced a campaign where they will provide exclusive content to fans straight from their own homes and rehearsal space, culminating in a live-streamed performance at Lucerne’s Soundfarm Studio. The campaign will begin on April 5 with a live Q&A session .

Throughout the campaign, fans can contribute by donating directly to the band. The stream itself is ‘pay-what-you-want’ and will also be available for free for those who can’t afford to contribute.

The band comment: “There’s no beating around the bush: we need your help. The recent cancellation of our European tour follows that of our shows in February and March. This means that we, like many artists and self-employed entertainment professionals, face massive expenses and a total loss of income of at least three months.

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Jan 252020

Swiss prog metallers, Cellar Darling, have released a lyric video for ‘Love Pt. II’, from their latest album “The Spell”, which you can see below.

The band comment: “It seems the world desperately needs more love. So, here you go with an animated video of ‘Love PT II,’ from our concept album The Spell. This is the 10th video in our ongoing series, in which every one of the 13 album tracks will receive a visual interpretation by Costin Chioreanu. We hope you enjoy it!”

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Dec 222019

Swiss prog metallers, Cellar Darling, have released a lyric video for the song, ‘Burn’ Watch the clip below.

Says the band: “Just in time for the holiday season and to counteract the cold, we present you with ‘Burn’, yet another animated video from our concept album, The Spell, once again created by Costin Chioreanu. This is the ninth video in our ongoing series, in which every one of the 13 album tracks will receive a visual interpretation by Costin. We hope you enjoy it!”

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