Jan 122021

‘Bright Black’ – the first single from the forthcoming Detritus album single will be available on all streaming platforms from 19 January. Below is the video to help keep the wolf from the door until the album “Myths” is out in February on Embryo Industries Ltd.

We have created a pantheon of dark gods, a legion of devils more terrifying than anything from our folktales and histories. We have fallen beneath the whips of new overlords; priests of intolerance, violence, hypocrisy and unreasoning judgement. We lay placating tribute at the altars of greed and hate as we walk our endless, unchanging rounds in darkness. Now is the time for simple heroes with the courage to look up and see the light, the bravery to lay down their weapons and open their arms, the strength to step from the path and disbelieve the myths that bind us to destruction.

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