Oct 122018

Brazilian progressive metallers Krig checked in with the following: “We have gathered some covers we’ve recorded and made it available for you at our bandcamp, soon in the streaming services”.

Tracklist: 1. Tribute (Krig), 2. Soldiers Under Command (Stryper), 3. Heroes (Bride), 4. Nonpoint (Believer), 5. Here Comes The Bride (Bride), 6. Grind Planetarium (Mortification), 7. Walls of Separation (Living Sacrifice ), 8. Foolish Evildoers IV (Krig). Continue reading »

Bride – “Snake Eyes”

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Sep 262018

Fans of Bride have held out for a true return to form for some years now, as “Snakes in the Playground” is often touted as this hard rock outfit’s most potent album. Released on 21 August 2018, “Snake Eyes” does not disappoint. I picked out a fragment of “Psychedelic Super Jesus” in “Intro”, which plays like fractured memories – snippets of song fading in left, then right before an almighty yawp from frontman, Dale Thompson kicks off “Fake News”. It’s a bold track that oozes attitude.

I love the energy in “Famous When I’m Dead” – it is not short of cowbell, and races by quickly. Around the middle, Troy Thompson delivers a tasty solo while Dale stretches his vocals in an elongated growl. I heard it said that the drums in this recording sound muffled, but listen to “John The Baptist” – especially how the toms ring in your ears – and I think you’ll agree that the clarity is there. “Think I’ll Build a Bomb” is a rock n roller, the riffing supplying just the right amount of sleaze. It’s a provocative title that comments on how pervasive violence is these days. That breakdown sounds downright ominous – I’m unsure of the production technique used, but the treatment on the vocals and/or the harmony leaves you feeling like a deranged individual is sharing a terrible secret with you. Shivers.

I wonder what I would discover if I had to play “The Real Jesus”, followed by “Psychedelic Super Jesus” off “Snakes in the Playground”? What differing perspectives do these two songs present regarding Jesus Christ? The reason I’m thinking along these lines is because you may have heard the recurring “Jesus Christ is knocking on the door of your heart today…” at the start of both albums. It may point to a link. Continue reading »

Jul 302018

A new Harry Potter book, the next Star Wars movie, or even one’s first kiss from that someone special can evoke epic proportions of anticipation. But NONE of those compare to how much Bride fans have anticipated a full-on, legitimate, straight out, unadulterated, no-holds-barred return to the Snakes in the Playground (1992) era Bride sound. Let’s be clear that Bride is without dispute THE most prolific Christian metal band ever. Bride has no less than 24 full length releases under their belts, and every single one drips with passion, relevance, and musical perfection. No one has done it better for longer without quitting. No one.

Long-time label partners, Retroactive Records are thrilled to unveil the epic return that fans have longed for and anticipated for 26 years – a new album that fully embraces the iconic Snakes…. era with massive hooks, relentless metal riffs, over-the-top vocals, and cutting edge lyrics. Welcome to the Jungle….with Snake Eyes (2018) the new Bride release that spews venom, and has all the bite fans can take. Continue reading »

Nov 152017

Yes it is true, Dale and Troy Thompson have reunited to write one more Bride album. The writing process is underway with a projected release date of Spring 2018. If you would like to contribute to the recording process, you can do that by Clicking Here

Let’s make the new Bride CD happen together.

“Update on the Bride work. Troy and I [Dale] are now compiling all of the work together and choosing the best tunes to concentrate on. Please be patient because we want to make this an incredible release for you. And thanks to everyone that have contributed to our PayPal CD fund thus far.” Continue reading »

Sep 232015

bride_1988Blastzone Entertainment has the rights to release the entire Bride catalog on vinyl over the next 2 years. Mike Wilkerson of Blastzone Entertainment comments: ‘We are starting with “Show No Mercy”, “Live To Die” and “Silence Is Madness”‘.

Bride if you do not know them are one of the first Christian Metal bands to be recognized in their genre of music. Bride was a band for over 30 years and won 4 Dove awards the equivalent of a Grammy.  Continue reading »