Nov 082017

Symphonic metallers Xandria made their live debut with singer Aeva Maurelle (Aeverium) on November 3 at the Brainstorm festival at Gigant in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below.

On September 12, Xandria canceled its previously announced U.S. tour, which was scheduled to kick off on September 29 in Buffalo, New York and conclude on October 21 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The band also announced that it had recruited Maurelle to sing for Xandria at its European shows in November and December. Continue reading »

Nov 022017

As a concert organization you do not have everything in your own hand. It’s very annoying, especially so short for time: but Brainstorm Festival just received the following message:

“We regret to inform you that Within Silence is not able to play Brainstorm Festival 2017. Due to a voice-sickness of lead vocalist Martin Klein the band has to cancel their performance on doctors advice. Martin worked really hard during the past week to get better as he and the band really wanted to make it work, but unfortunately the recovery didn’t go fast enough. Within Silence are very sorry about this, and hopes to return to The Netherlands during 2018 to present their new album ‘Return From The Shadows’ to you.

“The fact that losing Within Silence has consequences for our programming on Friday night may be clear. We are considering a suitable solution, knowing that the limited remaining time is not in our favor. We hope for your understanding for this. Continue reading »

Oct 272017

Next weekend (3 and 4 Nov) it’s finally time for Brainstorm Festival, this will be the tenth edition of this annual metal festival. As usual in Gigant in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands).

Headliners this year: Living Sacrifice (USA), Xandria (D) and Project 86 (USA). Additionally, you can find other bands as Dark Sarah (FIN), Death Therapy (USA), Wind Rose (ITA), Fleshkiller (NO/USA), Sleeping Romance (ITA), Within Silence (SK). And Dutch talent is not lacking, with Undawn and The Memory Remains, plus several extra shows (such as a gruntcompetiton) will take place in the theater of the festival. Time schedule can be found below.

The exposition this year is provided by Felipe Machado Franco. In 2010 he was also part of the festival. Felipe is responsible for the artwork of superb bands like Blind Guardian, Theocracy, Iced Earth and Sleeping Romance. So be sure to take a look at his work!

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Oct 022017

The American metal band Living Sacrifice have checked in with the following:

Check this out people (video below). We cannot wait to share these sounds with you at Blast of Eternity in Stuttgart Germany and Brainstorm Fest in Apeldoorn. We will see you in November!!

According to Bands On Fire, Living Sacrifice confirmed they will play the following ten songs at their November 2017 shows in Blast Of Eternity and Brainstorm Fest.

The setlist is Not complete yet and for now the songs are in order of original release date. But as soon as the band has determined the final setlist with final song order, these playlists will be updated. Continue reading »