Feb 252021

During the Brainstorm Festival in November, Eric Clayton And The Nine will give an acoustic show in the theater. Numerous Saviour Machine classics are played in addition. This special concert will be given on Saturday, November 6.

The band was already scheduled for Friday November 5, where they promote the new album “A Thousand Scars” (review) on the mainstage of the Brainstorm Festival.

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Feb 122021

The German power-metal band Orden Ogan has been set as the headliner of the Brainstorm Festival 2021, which will be held on 5 and 6 November at Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn. The band presents the new album “Final Days” there.

In recent years, Orden Ogan has become one of the biggest bands in the European power metal scene. The band enriches their music with progressive and folk-metal, in which the melancholic choirs in the choruses keep returning as a recognizable element.

“With Orden Ogan we have a headliner that appeals to a wide audience,” said the organization of the Brainstorm Festival. “In recent years we have grown steadily as a festival, and with Orden Ogan we can take the step to an even larger audience.”

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Jan 072021

With Majestica and Morgarten we again booked two beautiful bands for the Brainstorm Festival 2021, which will be held on Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th of November. Earlier Narnia, Leaves’ Eyes, Eric Clayton and the Nine and Temperance were confirmed.

With Majestica (SE) we gain a special band for the festival. The band around singer/guitarist Tommy Johansson was previously active under the name ReinXeed. After joining Sabaton Tommy transformed his own band into Majestica. Count on a delicious dose of power metal.

Things are very different with Morgarten (CH). The Swiss play folk metal and provide their melodies with fierce black metal. The band will present their new album at the Brainstorm Festival, which will be released to the Dutch public in the course of this year.

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Dec 212020

Narnia, Leaves’ Eyes, Eric Clayton And The Nine and Temperance are the first bands to be booked for the Brainstorm Festival 2021. Until Monday, January 4, you can buy your early bird festival tickets to be there on November 5 and 6. By that time, the coronavirus is expected to be defeated and we are going to celebrate it for two days with lots of great international rock and metal bands.

The appearance of Narnia (SE) will be a special one, as the hardrock band celebrates their 25th anniversary at the Brainstorm Festival. And with an exclusive show in the Netherlands, where all the hits will undoubtedly pass by one more time. More hits can be expected from Leaves’ Eyes (DE/FIN) who are touring Europe to promote their successful new album “The Last Viking“. This show will certainly appeal to fans of folk metal and female fronted gothic metal.

We are also very proud with the arrival of Eric Clayton And The Nine (USA/NL). The singer of Saviour Machine presents his new solo album with his Dutch band. Undoubtedly some more classics from his overwhelming musical history will pass by. And then another great name has been captured: Temperance (ITA). With a female vocalist and two male vocalists, this band promises to make a vocal spectacle.

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Nov 042020

We regret to announce that the Covid-19 edition of the Brainstorm Festival will be canceled. The special show with Eric Clayton and The Nine and Scarlet Stories would take place next Friday at Podium Gigant. The cabinet has just announced that all stages must close, which also puts an end to our show. Anyone who has bought a ticket will receive a personal message tomorrow.

Of course we very much regret the decision, but we respect this difficult decision by the cabinet. We ourselves have our sights set on 2021. Behind the scenes we are working on an unforgettable edition with a better line-up than all our previous editions, and that work is now continuing at full speed. We hope to meet you all again. Until then: stay healthy, watch each other and stay metal!

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