Oct 242018

“The Quest” the new album of Canadian Symphonic / Celtic Metal artist Leah is available now, released on Oct. 5th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound RecordingsLeah checked in with the following:

Earlier this year my family and I began an adventure we call Slow Traveling. We sold a bunch of our belongings, put the rest into storage, got rid of our house, our car, and headed to Ireland for 6 weeks! We stayed in one place for a whole month before moving on, so we could really drink in our surroundings. The video below is just a small snippet of what we experienced. I loved downtown Dublin. So much to see an do. I’d always wanted to see the Book of Kells in person at Trinity College! You’re not allowed to film in the room where the real book of Kells is, so, unfortunately, I didn’t get footage of that, but I hope you enjoy the rest of these clips!

Original music in the video is the instrumental version of ‘Edge of Your Sword’ from the new album, “The Quest”. Continue reading »