Jul 112017

Bombworks Records checked in with the following announcement:

We have reached an agreement to reissue three Seventh Angel albums – “The Torment” (1990) on cd/vinyl, “Lament For The Weary” (1991) on cd/vinyl, and “The Dust Of Years” (2009) on vinyl! These three thrash-terpieces will be coming your way within the next year. Watch for more details!  Continue reading »

May 182017

Retroactive Records have announced the release of Haven – “III” remastered and enhanced original artwork (below) – The album will be released on June 13th. all Pre-orders come with a free Haven sticker of the album cover (4.75 x 4.75)! Pre-order your copy of “III” now.

Originally released by the band independently in 1995, four years after the sophomore release, “Age of Darkness.” The album was pieced together by golden throat vocalist, Kevin Ayers as various members of the band were available over the four year period. Also, gone are the million dollar studios and producers that recorded the first two Haven classics. Haven “III” was recorded on Kevin’s home recording studio in his garage in the 90’s!

With 8 of the 13 tracks tracking in at 6-7 minutes, you know you are in for a tremendous melodic, progressive power metal adventure! This Retroactive Records reissue has been carefully remastered by veteran, Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound), along with a 4 panel insert and jewel case release with superbly enhanced original artwork. In fact, we love you so much, we included an unreleased bonus track left off the original release because it has more of an industrial metal vibe to it, called, ‘From Everlasting’. Haven’s third masterpiece has never sounded, or looked better! For fans of Sacred Warrior, Iron Maiden, Recon, Queensryche! Continue reading »

Mar 292017

Bombworks Records announces the release of Seventh Angel Demo Collection. Limited Edition of just 1000 CDs. The CD will be released on April 25. Check out the clips below.

“Packaged in an 8-panel, full-color digipak, most of this musical collection has never been available to the clamoring public demanding for more from the iconic UK Christian metal band Seventh Angel! Bombworks Records has been pestering metal legend Ian Arkley (vocalist extraordinaire) to release these classic demos and we give thanks that Ian has finally relented and blessed classic thrash fans with these never before released demos! Even the Heed The Warning demo, which was released with some live tracks in years past, has been taken direct from Ian’s personal cassette and remastered so it’s a completely different version than previously released. Detailed liner notes will help explain the context of each demo and enhance the charm of Seventh Angel’s maturing process. Don’t expect all the bells and whistles of a fully produced studio album, but with the Jeff Mortimer remastering we offer these demos in as glorious a form as ever possible. Continue reading »

Feb 112017

Crimson Thorn – Anthology Of Brutality: 1992-2002 The Complete Collective Works (3-CD Set) will be released on March 28th through Bombworks Records …get the special pre-order price ($4 savings) now. Be quick as there are only 500 available.

Crimson Thorn is one of the most technical and pummeling death metal bands ever! They stand toe to toe with bands like Obituary, Carcass, and Cannibal Corpse. Crimson Thorn is one of the few Christian death metal bands that could ever be put in such an elite category. The vocals are low and ultra-gutteral. One album literally included a liner note warning that no effects were used on the vocals! From beginning to end the blast beats, double bass assaults, gutteral growls, and general death metal fury never lets up. This release features all three albums remastered and combined onto two CDs. These classic albums – “Unearthed” (1994), “Dissection” (1997), and “Purification” (2002) have long been out of print. Fans can once again discover the delight and joy of the deep, distressing, and downright disturbing sounds of Crimson Thorn! Continue reading »

Jan 122017

As we previously reported, Bombworks Records will re-release all of Crimson Thorn albums, Bombworks just reported the following update:

“The release is going to be called Crimson Thorn – The Anthology Of Brutality: 1992-2002 The Complete Collective Works released on Bombworks Records hopefully in February….Bombworks will be offering pre-orders soon…..”

We keep you posted.

Late last month Luke Renno said in a Facebook post: “We have talked about recording another album. Right now it’s up in the air. But also check out the new band I’m playing bass in called “Taking the Head of Goliath” Brutal death metal that fans of Crimson Thorn will love! We will be putting up videos of our first live show soon.” Continue reading »