Feb 272014

BOGPunk rock takes many different forms, sounds and attitudes. Over the years I can’t see one specific genre being absolutely pure of its origins. It’s this development that has brought many different ideologies and sound – scapes to the genre.

So in about 2012 a new form of band known as Manta Birostris from Poland, Warsaw was formed atheistically rooted in punk but broadening its boundaries way past the confinements of punk. Recordings started in the same year.

Manta Birostris as I said have its roots in punk, but ultimately mix it up quite a bit, and you get to experience a more darker sounding band, that utilizes sludge and noise, with industrial overtones and integrated within that some experimental garnishing with middle eastern influences. You’ll hear dark wave and cold wave in the mix which at times can lend to a dooming and eerie sound. Continue reading »